Little Adventures in Hong Kong | Offbeat Attractions | Walking up Peak Road

Simply magnificent views of Aberdeen and the south side of Hong Kong Island, very large, beautiful houses and an element of danger, what more could you ask for.

There is a spot on Peak Road where you get absolutely magnificent views of Aberdeen, the problem is you are stood looking over a wall, no pavement and Tour coaches whizzing past you at 40mph so I would absolutely NOT recommend you doing this, despite the fact this is basically the only spot you can get this particular view.. of course you can simply ignore me and walk the entire length of Peak Road. 

As well as views you can see some truly awesome houses (the one belonging to the Kingdom of Morocco is a stand out) you can also admire the many expensive cars zipping along and marvel how the Tour coaches and the No. 15 bus somehow manage to avoid each other on the very tight bends. 

I love what I do! 

The images are shown in a grid format and clicking on the thumbnail images will show them in full size, hovering over the bottom left of the image  ( in full size ) will give a description and click on the arrow to move along.

Enjoy the images.

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Posted on September 5, 2013 and filed under Offbeat attractions.