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James Bond boats, a lovely (if somewhat small) beach, very expensive houses and not forgetting the rather posh Hong Kong Golf Club.

Ah, Deep Water Bay - a very public beach in a very small and exclusive neighbourhood.... it is also home to the rather snooty Hong Kong Golf Club, I imagine the members probably cringe at the influx of assorted riff raff and Indonesian Maids on a weekend who flock to the beach and to use the public barbecue pits.... but then that sums up Hong Kong nicely.. affluence and poverty side by side. 

Unless you are there for the beach it is hard to spend a lot of time in Deep Water Bay unless you are like me who like to take photographs, it is certainly photogenic particularly on a sunny day and for me a bit of a thrill walking around those very expensive houses.. 

Deep Water Bay is well served by public transport so it is easy to get to.

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Enjoy the images.

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Posted on September 4, 2013 and filed under Offbeat attractions.