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The Opus Hong Kong, the King Yin Lei Mansion and the "Chopsticks" just some of the remarkable buildings on Stubbs Road.

I love walking up and down Stubbs Road which connects Happy Valley to the Peak (in a manner of speaking). You can start the walk at the Sikh Temple at the junction of Stubbs Road / Queens Road East but it is better to start at the Adventist Hospital near to Bowen Road and bear in mind that as you head towards Peak Road (which leads to the Peak) the pavement disappears and you are walking on the road for long stretches and at the mercy of the tour coaches so be careful. 

For me the highlights are the magnificent buildings on Stubbs Road but you can also get some great views as well. 

The images are shown in a grid format and clicking on the thumbnail images will show them in full size, hovering over the bottom left of the image  ( in full size ) will give a description and click on the arrow to move along.

Enjoy the images.

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Posted on August 27, 2013 and filed under Offbeat attractions.