Hong Kong Tour | The end of j3tourshk.posterous.com | April 30th 2013

I have been posting daily articles with images on my site j3tourshk.posterous.com since January 2011 and tomorrow April 30th 2013 sees the end of Posterous as a hosting platform.

Posterous was acquired by Twitter over a year ago and I guess there was no room for a sophisticated free blogging platform in the Twitter Universe. 

Posterous is closing.png

Since January 2011 I have posted 1,040 articles and over 8,000 images so I am more than a little miffed that this will all be lost tomorrow. I have moved to Squarespace and yes they have an import programme for Posterous data but not to the extent of importing 1,040 articles and 8,000 images so I have decided to start from scratch. 

Jordan, our eldest son has created (with a little help from me) a very clean and professional site for J3 Tours using the custom domain j3tourshongkong.com and it officially launches on May 1st 2013 but is up and running now.

I love the Post function of Squarespace, it has no issues importing and adding any HTML code ( I had issues with Posterous for a lot of code) and I love the layout so I am extremely happy to have made the transition but this is tempered by the fact that I need to add in lot's of articles, images and tips etc asap. 

So goodbye Posterous and hello to j3tourshongkong.com! 

oh... my official website address has always been (and still is) www.j3tourshk.com except now it will redirect to j3tourshongkong.com

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Posted on April 29, 2013 .