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Another look at Man Cheung House - a fairly typical public housing estate, the moronically stupid adverts for baby formula and getting the beady eye from a dog.

888 - now that's a lucky number

A lot of people here would pay a hefty premium to have this street address, 888 pretty much translates to wealth, wealth and wealth... pity it is a wasted on a Government school. 

No gangs, no drugs, no graffiti - a typical Hong Kong public housing estate


The overpaid moron's that came up with this drivel should be ashamed of themselves and be banished to Outer Mongolia.

Print / TV ads these days are dominated by baby formula adverts that generally send the message that "use our formula and we guarantee your ankle biter will be on the same intellect level as Einstein" - this one plumbs new depths. of stupidity.

Now I'll tell you what I really think...... 

You can actually see me in the eyeball taking the shot.... 

A bison statue in the AIA Building in North Point on Oil Street, anatomically correct, "tackle" and all..... 

A bus racing along the streets

Digging up the streets, it's the same everywhere

I have always said that Aliens are hiding in plain sight. 

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Posted on November 5, 2013 .