Hong Kong Heritage Tour | The oh so colonial Hong Kong Cricket Club

The ivy covered house on the hill at Black's Link, the hallowed turf of the Happy Valley racetrack and some interesting car number plates.

I have never been inside the somewhat colonial Hong Kong Cricket Club given that it is strictly members only but now I have, Grant, Tanya and I blagged out way in and enjoyed a glass of ice cold water by the pool!

I have to say that atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly although I did encounter a few hooray henry's (snobby git's) who probably objected to my northern English accent! 

Now, if only I could blag my way into the Hong Kong Club. 

A very nice house at Black's Link overlooking the Hong Kong Cricket Club

For those that want to touch the hallowed turf of the Happy Valley racetrack - I can arrange it! 

The fountain in front of the Intercontinental Hotel

A napping cat at Stanley

One Peking and the Langham Hotel in TST, Kowloon

In the distance - the Sheraton Hotel in TST, Kowloon

One of the "chopsticks" apartment blocks on Stubbs Road on Hong Kong Island

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Posted on November 3, 2013 .