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The lack of shelters and seats at Victoria Peak, Hong Kong, it defies logic.

Seats and Shelters | Victoria Peak | Hong Kong

Not the best of images, in fact it is down right boring but you know what, those of us that go on walking tours at Victoria Peak would kill for these little seating shelters on Lugard Road and Harlech Road.

In a nutshell, to get to my spot at Victoria Peak you have to do a 15 to 20 minute walk along the very green and beautiful Lugard Road, a somewhat iconic colonial road built around 100 years ago. Now, it rains in Hong Kong, particularly in the summer months May to September, it is not a monsoon and it does not rain everyday, we can go weeks without rain, sometimes there are thunderstorms that go along with the rain... we all know that being under trees during a thunderstorm is not good for your health....

Amazingly there isn't a single place to shelter from the elements anywhere along Lugard Road up to my spot, seriously! in fact if you do the full Lugard Road / Harlech Road loop which is about 2 miles, there is but a single shelter about half way along the route.

Amazingly if you walk down Hatton Road which runs off Lugard Road further along from my spot they do have the seating shelters as shown in the image going all the way down to Kotewall Road.

In a nutshell the Hatton Road part of Victoria Peak is a Country Park and run by a different Government Authority and they have the common sense to put in these shelters., it is nonsensical because there are so few people who walk down Hatton Road when compared to the many thousands of people who do the Lugard Road | Harlech Road loop on a daily basis.

I have taken this up with the District Council that looks after Victoria Peak, so far they have not bothered to reply. Money is not the issue as Hong Kong is one of the richest countries in the World, this is just stupid petty Government bureaucracy with the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

There is more than enough space to build these shelters every 100 yards or so along Lugard Road and as you can see the design is quite basic (ergo cheap) and they blend in.

Amazingly the imbeciles that won't build shelters for humans, have on Lugard Road built Dog Latrines for our canine friends, it beggars belief as dogs simply ignore the poo pits.. it just shows the idiocy of those people in charge at the Peak District Office.

Welcome to my world.

The Golden Orb spider that lurks at Victoria Peak, Hong Kong and seemingly they are millions of them

The Golden Orb Spider | Victoria Peak | Hong Kong

Life can be very exciting on your Hong Kong Personal Walking Tour with me Jamie., you see, I have a thing about spiders, particularly this awesome specimen as shown in the image, at Victoria Peak where I spend a lot of time, there is always one 12 inches away from you, I am guessing there are millions of them....  and yes, I was about 3 inches away from the spider when I took this image.

The big one is the female and can be as big as your hand, the male which is a lot smaller is red and about the size of your thumbnail.

It is a common spider in all tropical jungles around the world, in the Amazon the web is so big and strong they catch birds which the spider then eats.... in some countries the spider is mildly poisonous in Hong Kong, they say it is not but it can bite if threatened and it is much like a bee sting or a wasp sting which could be an issue for some.

I like to look for them and take pictures and I can be as close as 2 inches away, I have never had an issue even when I have walked into a web, the webs are massive by the way... I am totally fascinated by them and although very colourful they are often jut plain old black, same spider, different colour.

I understand why people freak out when they see them, but as they say, "I will take one for the team" and kids love them! and yes, you can regale the story of your encounter with friends and family when you get home.

The Porsche GT3 RS, one of the more brutal but fabulous cars to grace the Streets of Hong Kong.

The Porsche GT3 RS | Garden Road, Hong Kong | ..... and the Streets of Hong Kong

If car spotting is your thing then as your Hong Kong Private Tour Guide I can make it happen, since 2014 I have amassed over 70,000 images of cars in Hong Kong and I have a certain style as well so my images are quite recognisable.

It is a bit of a thing for me, since I was a nipper I have been fascinated by cars and my first ride in A DECENT one (sorry Dad) when I was 10 years old was a Porsche 911.. nothing like this brute of course but it got me going.

This car is simply magnificent,.. yes there are faster and more elegant cars out there *Bugatti, Pagani, Lamborghini etc" but this has the X Factor.

I have mentioned before that fancy cars in Hong Kong are a status symbol, the appearance of being seen to be wealthy here is very, very important and it is not just the car it is the number plate as well | the number 3238 is very lucky, in essence it can translate to "triple, double, triple wealth" ! + the numbers add to up 16 which can be seen as "certain easy life" | I have over 10,000 car number plate images as well, the number plate 18 sold for over US$2 Million.

This Porsche model here runs at about US$450,000 depending on options and such and I am always thrilled that guys and girls here drop that much money on one of the best cars in the world.. what a thrill to drive a car like this every day.

If you have the wanderlust and you like street art, I can make it happen and take you on a Hong Kong Street Art tour

Wanderlust Walks | Hong Kong Street Art | Street Art Tours of Hong Kong

But frankly I would rather not!

I am simply not a fan of graffiti in Hong Kong, never have been, been older than most I see it as vandalism. I do agree that there is some stuff out there which looks pretty neat but that has probably been done by a professional artist as opposed to a disaffected 18 year old wearing a hoodie who has trouble stringing a coherent sentence together ( and I am aware that is a stereotype, I am trying to be humorous )

I am currently building up my portfolio of street art images but do not think for a second that I know anything about graffiti or what it means, I am simply not that smart, nor do I know who the artists are or the street slang they us but guess what, if you really are interested I can put you in touch with a good friend of mine who really is an expert and will take you on a Street Art in Hong Kong Tour.

Hong Kong Photography Tours, yes I can do them but I can't teach you how to take a photograph! and yes, you should be confused | read on

Hong Kong Photography Tours | The Streets of Hong Kong Photography Tours

You can hire me for photography advice on my Premium Private Tours of Hong Kong just do not ask me about F Stops, lighting, composure and such, I have no formal qualifications in art or photography but I have been a prolific Streets of Hong Kong photographer since 2014, ie an awful lot of practical experience and my profession as a Premium Private Walking Tour Guide in Hong Kong allows me the time to indulge.

I have been taking pictures since I was a kid and somewhere I have an old battered Hasselblad film camera but that does not mean for a second I know about photography and if you book a photography tour with me, you are hiring me to take you to the places where you can get the BEST images in Hong Kong. I have taken many a professional photographer on a Tour of Hong Kong.

I am an experienced photographer, I have a Flickr site where I have uploaded over 100,000 images since 2014 and I do get better each year, my images have been used in lots of magazine and newspaper articles and they are a core part of my business and I really like to showcase Hong Kong.

My car photography has a style all of it's own but really what it all boils down to is that I have a simply magnificent camera as seen in the image.. I have one mode for daylight which is fully automatic and I can shoot at 7 frames a minute, I have 2 settings for night and I have never used a tripod. The camera is quite light so I can lug it around all day.... virtually every image on my Flickr site has been taken with the original Sony RX1 but most with model 2, the Sony RX1R, I mean seriously, look at that lens! awesome.

The biggest lesson I have learnt over the years from talking to professional photographers on one of my Hong Kong Tours, is simply never, ever leave home without your camera, words to live by!

You will never see me taking a photo with my IPhone by the way I only shoot with my Sony.

I believe the biggest issue people have is that we all have a good basic knowledge of camera's, these days most are fully automatic and take fabulous images but you need to know where to go to get the best pictures and that's where I come in...  not convinced ? click on the link below and go to my Flickr site.

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Oh my golly gosh, the simply amazing Pagani Zonda Absolute - this is a custom made car and is rumoured to be the only one of it's kind in the world and it is in Hong Kong!... oh... and yes, this is my picture, talk about being in the right place at the right time.