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The crazy people who wash windows 80+ floors up at IFC 2 in Central, Hong Kong

IFC 2 | 88 Floors | 2nd tallest building in Hong Kong

Fancy washing windows 80+ floors up, look closely at the top of the building.

I do Hong Kong Tours and as a private tour guide in Hong Kong I see crazy stuff on a daily basis and this is right up there (no pun intended) on the crazy scale.

I like the IFC Complex which comprises IFC 1 and IFC 2 and a fabulous podium deck, you might remember the Batman movie, the Dark Knight, these buildings featured heavily in the movie and no, they did not get blown up.... but Batman jumped off the top of IFC 2 and was caught by a hook trailing from a plane.

If you are in Hong Kong you should pay a visit to the IFC Mall which joins the two buildings, it is pretty decent with quite a few places there to sit and have cake, coffee and ice cream and then visit the very cool Apple Store.

.... oh and did I mention City Super a fabulous deli / supermarket - super place for snacks and lunch to go.

Those brainless, stupid idiots that work in luxury car showrooms in Hong Kong.

The Lamborghini URUS | Awesome SUV

I am a huge fan of Lamborghini's you will not find many people (if any) in Hong Kong with a bigger collection of Lamborghini photographs.

In addition Lamborghini have just moved their showroom to Star Street in Wanchai, not easy to find and you have to walk up a bit of a hill to get there.... so I was there last week and this is the best image I could get.

Lamborghini is not the only luxury car showroom that won't let the riff raff in to take a picture... that's right, I went into the showroom and the moronic person behind the desk said no to my request to take a photo, having just observed me taking photographs outside!

I explained all I wanted was 10 seconds to take an image and she waved me away... it really defies logic, I am really well dressed, I fit the profile (perhaps) of a Lamborghini buyer, I scrub up well, I am not going to scratch the car and I have a very nice camera, what she thinks I am going to steal the car...?

I understand the car is expensive (but they will happily book you in for a test drive)  but she had no way of knowing if I was a potential buyer or not... to me it is totally idiotic behaviour, + there was no one else in the showroom......

I have had the same experience in the McLaren showroom / Rolls Royce showroom / Bentley showroom but no issue in the Pagani or Ferrari showrooms and in the Mercedes showroom which is huge they simply do not mind if you sit in the cars, photograph them or whatever.

rant over

Our very cool and very professional Traffic Cops on the streets of Hong Kong.

Traffic Cop | Hong Kong

...  and they look so cool on these BMW Motorbikes, they also use big Honda motorbikes as well.

Cops have to project power, it just is ok! but traffic cops in training use lesser powered bikes, I call them noddy bikes, they are quite frankly embarrassing and a few of them are electric, they are even worse but at least when they become a real cop on a bike they look the part.

The streets of Hong Kong can be pretty narrow and clogged but bikes are a lot more nimble than a car, so no issues there and unlike many cities around the world, the Hong Kong Police is well funded and they pretty much get all the equipment they ask for and with just about 30,000 policemen it means Hong Kong is one of the safest cities in the world as many of them are actually patrolling the streets not in a Police Station filling in forms.

I have nothing but admiration for our Police Force it is just a shame that a lot of Hong Kong people take them for granted and never make the connection between | safest city in the world | and the | Hong Kong Police |

Go here to visit the Hong Kong Police Force Web Site and look at the statistics

A Private Tour Guides Comprehension of art in Statue Square, Central on Hong Kong Island.

A water feature | Statue Square, Central, Hong Kong

I am a Private Walking Tour Guide who does premium private tours of Hong Kong, I know a lot of stuff but that does not apply to this water feature in Statue Square, I have never found any meaningful information about this | art | and the other piece to the right.

Statue Square in it's current form has hardly changed since 1963 when it was renovated so I have grown up with this art and it still means nothing to me!! it actually looks like someone was smoking an illegal substance when this idea popped into their head.

I will stick with the 6 year old's description - it looks nice.

oh... i forgot to mention, when we have finished admiring this art on our tour please do not forget to ask me about the feng shui war between the Bank of China and HSBC, this is the best place for me to regale this fascinating tale.

Chinese Military Facility, Admiralty on Hong Kong Island.

Hanging the washing out to dry | Chinese Military Facility in Admiralty

Sometimes you just have to laugh.

This Military Facility (which prior to 1997 was occupied by the British Army) is literally 10 yards from a main road which means thousands and thousands of people walk past it every day.

Now, I realise I am English and therefore I have a somewhat dry and evolved sense of humour but in Hong Kong we are assailed on a daily basis in the South China Morning Post, iour best English Language newspaper about how China has a modern, world class Army | Armed forces who spend many billions of US$ every year modernising so that they are the equal of the US Armed Forces.

Projecting Power | Washing hanging on a fence

Well chaps, I might advise you not to hang your washing on the fence in full view of the people on the streets, it sends out the wrong message!...  for me anyway what is even funnier is that this is so Hong Kong, people hang their washing anywhere and everywhere but surely the Chinese Army PR Department would have a fit if they saw this.... awesome.

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Oh my golly gosh, the simply amazing Pagani Zonda Absolute - this is a custom made car and is rumoured to be the only one of it's kind in the world and it is in Hong Kong!... oh... and yes, this is my picture, talk about being in the right place at the right time.