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The Chinese New Year Lanterns at the Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong, the very strange titty fruit, the no. 29 car number plate with an expensive price tag, my lucky table at Din Tai Fung in the Mira Mall, Gail and Mark at the Peak Tower, reading between the lines at massage parlours, Hong Kong hearses, the spiral staircase in Central, pre - wedding photography and the very rich family in a Rolls Royce Ghost.

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The world famous Peninsula Hotel, circa 1928, Hong Kong

The simply wonderful Chinese New Year lanterns at the Peninsula Hotel in TST, Kowloon...

I will say one thing about the Peninsula, they do not skimp on decorations for important holidays, it's a pity our other fancy hotels do not follow their lead.

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... yes it really is called the titty fruit

Essentially you only see this fruit at Chinese New Year and I always chuckle at it's nickname and I love the sign.

"Nipple Fruit. Solanum mammosum. a.k.a. Titty Fruit, Cow's Udder, Apple of Sodom"

.....and it is somewhat poisonous, if you go to the Flower Market in Hong Kong it dominates all the displays.

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Strange Signs and related to titty fruit!

This is one of the funniest signs I have seen in Hong Kong, it is advertising for a very dodgy massage parlour in the vicinity of the Temple Street Night Market in Jordan.

It does take a few moments to understand why it is so funny though! please look carefully

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Who wouldn't want a US$900,000 number plate that gives you bragging rights

Awesome, I am a car fanatic and sometimes appearances can be deceptive when you eyeball a very average looking car in Hong Kong.... it is not what it seems.

Two clues

  • the number plate 29 which is a very lucky number
  • the bodyguards in the front and back of the car

This number plate sold for US$900,000 therefore it is not your atypical millionaire in the car, this is a person of real financial substance and trust me a run of the mill wealthy guy in Hong Kong does not need a bodyguard or two.

A lot of very wealthy families in Hong Kong have 4 or 5 cars in the garage and a lot of them use these average looking 7 seaters when they want to go incognito which is a bit of joke given that everyone here will know the value of the no. 29 number plate!

...oh, I suspect the car behind is owned by the same guy, the number plate is just numbers 9999 which is also a very lucky and very expensive number plate - this car just always seems to be full of bodyguards dressed the same as the bodyguards in the first car.

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Meet Gail and Marc from the USA

Here they are enjoying the view from the Peak Tower atop the Peak, a rare event for me as I always go to my famous spot at the Peak.

For those that do not know, the Peak Tower and Peak Tram are owned by the Peninsula Hotel Group.

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The cult of 8 in Hong Kong

Is it really a thing? - absolutely, 8 means wealth, 18 means certain wealth, 28 means double wealth - you get the idea.

Last week for the first time in my favourite restaurant, Din Tai Fung in the Mira Mall I was seated at table no. 18 and I got very, very excited!!

Everywhere you go in Hong Kong you see references to the 3 great lucky numbers, 6, 8 and 9 but 8 tops them all.

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The Hong Kong Hearse

One of the problems with being into numbers here is that there are some quite interesting oxymoron's to be be seen every day - this is a Hong Kong Hearse, it is a rather odd looking vehicle and this one is a new model... the issue here is the number plate which essentially translates to easy life, wealth and money and it is certain!! ..... not much use if you have departed from this life!

Just another Hong Kong quirk.

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The not so famous spiral staircase

....A lot of magazine articles in Hong Kong like to create lists of famous spots to take great images they call the photographers Instagrammers!!

I do not use my phone to take images as the quality of the images are very poor when compared to my fancy camera and I find not so famous locations to be better subjects anyway, like this spiral staircase in the business district, an interesting image but probably of little interest to the social media mob.

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The Rolls Royce Ghost

I love this car - essentially the entry level model!

Hong Konger's do love Rolls Royce, they embrace them as only rich people can which is jolly nice for me as I am somewhat of a car fanatic.

This is one my favourite images because of the rich family inside the car who look positively regal, I on the other hand take a minibus and the subway to get into town but I could certainly get used to a Rolls Royce without too much trouble.

ps - that is a very lucky number sequence on the license plate and cost a fortune.

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The pre - wedding photography

Even I scratch my head when I see a photoshoot of generally young couples who are about to be married in an odd location

This location in TST East in Kowloon is not my idea of an exotic location and the weather was not great... they spend an awful lot of money on both the photography and the wedding but I always feel it lacks a certain something which I cannot quite put my finger on, perhaps there is a lack of spontaneity but everything just feels so contrived and the "joy" is sadly lacking - at a guess I would say it was pre - wedding nerves.

On the other hand the dress was just lovely!

Oh my golly gosh, the simply amazing Pagani Zonda Absolute - this is a custom made car and is rumoured to be the only one of it's kind in the world and it is in Hong Kong!... oh... and yes, this is my picture, talk about being in the right place at the right time.

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