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The very pretty Nan Lian Garden in Diamond Hill in Kowloon, the Hong Kong Observation Wheel is now turning again, the Official Handover Monument in front of the Convention Centre, a rainy day cruise on the Aqua Luna, the Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant in Aberdeen, the new happening place in TST, Kowloon will be Victoria Dockside and owning a lovely red Ferrari - that has to make a big difference to the quality of your life!

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The simply wonderful and peaceful Nan Lian Garden in Diamond Hill

I am a frequent visitor to this Garden which is part of the Chi Lin Nunnery, it has been open since 2006 and luckily never really gets that crowded.

If we do not visit here on one of my private tours then I will give you precise instructions how you can visit the garden on your own.

..oh, my favourite part of the garden is the Koi pond.

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... yes the Hong Kong Observation Wheel is turning again

I am not a fan of this rather small ferris wheel, it is under new management, previously it was US$12.50 per person but NO lines and now it is US$2.50 per person with very long lines and frankly I think it is a waste of money and it is NOT worth lining up for...   well I am known for my candid comments.,,, and the view is pitiful when compared to the view from the Peak.

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The Official Hong Kong Handover Monument in Wanchai

This is the most under appreciated monument in Hong Kong and frankly I think everybody that lives in Hong Kong plus every visitor that comes here should make an effort to see it.

I think the problem is location, it is directly in front of the Convention Centre and the whole area has been a building site for years and will be for at least another 3 years so it is hard to visit and it is also part of the site that houses the Golden Bauhinia Statue, a gift from the people of China to the people of Hong Kong to celebrate the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997 and most Hong Konger's want nothing to do with that statue which gets seemingly tens of thousands Mainland Chinese visitors every day.

I love to visit the monument as it is a real piece of history.

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Who wouldn't want a Ferrari?

Awesome, a word entirely fitting such a beautiful car and I just love the colour - the chap in the flowery shirt outside the Peninsula Hotel is the owner and when he started the car he was grinning from ear to ear as was I just listening to the engine burble.

The Peninsula Hotel is one of my prime stomping grounds for car photography by the way

What an amazing car and I would love to own a red Ferrari.

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Meet the Vebers from the USA

From left to right, Julia, Kim and Anna

Here they are at the Ocean Terminal Deck after gazing at the amazing view of Hong Kong Island from Kowloon, simply brilliant.

Thank you ladies for booking one of my tours and it was my pleasure to show you around Hong Kong.

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The Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant in Aberdeen

Is it worth it?

That depends, I have always disliked it intensely and I have been on it many times and there are rumours it will soon close for a while for a full scale renovation which is long overdue.

.....and why do I dislike it? - well I have always thought a meal there was very expensive and the food mediocre at best but remember that is my opinion, I am not in any shape or form a foodie.

If you factor in the uniqueness of the place, the free boat ride to get there, the decoration, the history and the amazing tackiness then it does have an attraction, so make your own mind up, if you do eat on there it will live long in the memory as an experience!

oh, and take a camera.

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Victoria Dockside and Salisbury Garden in TST, Kowloon

Taking shape nicely and coming on stream in late 2018 and early 2019 this new project will transform the waterfront around the TST promenade... and it is directly over the road from the Peninsula Hotel and the Sheraton Hotel.

This is a project of New World Development one of the largest property companies in Hong Kong and the buildings will include luxury hotels, art galleries, shopping malls, commercial offices and gardens, such is the value of having mixed use buildings... it looks pretty good even now!

oh.... it is located right next to the Intercontinental Hotel as well.

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The infamous Star Pisces floating casino

....A very lovely ship with a set in stone schedule (sails at 7.30pm every day) that takes it into International Waters where presumably it sails around in a circle before returning to Hong Kong 12 - 15 hours later.

It always docks at the Ocean Terminal in TST, Kowloon

...and for the record Hong Kong does not have any legal casino's - rumour has it a deal was done in 1977 which meant that Macau got the casino's and Hong Kong got the tourists and when cast iron gambling laws were put in place by the Hong Kong Government (and amended in 2006) that was the end of any talk about Casino's in Hong Kong.

There has always been rumours of a link between the Star Pisces and local criminal gangs, well that is just the Hong Kong way.

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I love this car and particularly in this colour, it has what I call the X Factor, hard to explain really but to me it is the almost perfect sports car for those of us that cannot afford a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Pagani.

Hong Konger's do love a BMW and I have over 8,000 images of BMW cars in Hong Kong, like Porsche!

ps. and isn't that a truly awesome colour for this car!

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The Aqua Luna - Chinese Fishing Junk

Even on a dreadfully dreary day sailing on the Aqua Luna is a splendid thing to do.

It has been a while since I was on the boat and this was a strange voyage to say the least as we were the only passengers on the boat which was all down to the non stop drizzle and rather cold weather and even with pvc sheets protecting us from the wind and rain the boat was leaking badly! - all part of the fun.

My clients loved it though and it was fun, I got some lovely pictures and it was such a cool thing to be on our own private cruise.

Well worth the expense and on a clear warm / hot day it is outstanding and please do look at their website they have many cruise options.

Oh my golly gosh, the simply amazing Pagani Zonda Absolute - this is a custom made car and is rumoured to be the only one of it's kind in the world and it is in Hong Kong!... oh... and yes, this is my picture, talk about being in the right place at the right time.

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