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As usual a big thanks to my good friend Jacky who drove me up to the top of Kowloon Peak which at 602m is pretty tall.. the last time I was up there was in 1973 so it had been a while! and I have to say that even though it was the early evening and the rain clouds were coming in I was in awe of this simply magnificent view.. amazing and thanks again Jacky, I owe you one.

There are two sets of HSBC Lions in Hong Kong, the originals are outside HSBC Headquarters in Central and are ICONIC! - these are replica's in a HSBC Building at Olympic in Kowloon.. to be honest I did not even know they were there but my friend Jacky dropped me there and I got quite a shock... and a lovely surprise.

Just thought I would slip in another great image of an awesome red Ferrari!!

Tai O - what can I say, it is simply awesome.... now, one thing, if you book a private tour of Hong Kong with me and we go to Tai O, we do not go on the boat! we walk the village, you see an awful lot more on foot than a 5 minute ride on the water, but hey, that's why you pay me the big bucks!!

Oh Lordy, Lordy... this is the Pagani Zonda hypercar parked at the Four Seasons Hotel in Central, I have seen this car twice and both times it was parked here... isn't it amazing and frankly it is a reflection of the obsession that Hong Konger's have with money... but who cares, buy the car!

The Peak on Hong Kong Island is not just about the jaw dropping views, Hong Kong has 230+ species of non lethal (!) butterflies and this is one of them... I get very irritated with the little blighters because the buggers just will not sit still and pose so I was pretty excited when this one looked a little drowsy and obliged whilst I snapped away.

Aaaahhhh - The Intercontinental Hotel, one of the finest establishments with killer harbour views but I have to say in recent years they have been cursed, at the back of the Hotel a major redevelopment project has been a huge issue and now in front of the Hotel, the redevelopment of the Avenue of the Stars, so rather than a magnificent harbour view you get this jolly nice super huge barge blocking the views and it has been parked there for months and will be for at least another year!! oh my!

This is the construction that has been going on at the back of the Intercontinental Hotel.. at least the tall building is almost complete!

A silver pvc wrapped Lamborghini Aventador roaring up Nathan Road! what a car!

Oh Lordy, the amazing and rather awesome Pagani hypercar / batmobile!

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