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Where's the Tour Guide ?, the amazingly stupid public service adverts produced by the Information Services Department of the Hong Kong Government, Ladies of the Night plying their trade at the Temple Street Night Market, rich girls slink their way through the Peninsula Hotel lobby and the awesome Lamborghini Huracan with a P Plate.

I did not notice until I had the image on my big monitor but it does seem that our very professional Police Force have a more relaxed policy when it comes to mens hair styles, look at these dashing young chaps... their hair is a positive fashion statement.

So, what is wrong with this picture? ............... no tour guide!! a group of 4 is the perfect group size for my private walking tours of Hong Kong and I am so surprised they did not contact me to arrange a tour!!

Read the headline and then read the sub heading in red, sometimes you just have to shake your head at the sheer ineptitude of the Information Services Department of the Hong Kong Government. How on earth did this advert pass for publication? didn't they think that having the words oral and cum in the same message would cause offence? it is bad enough that these muppets cartoonise everything to make them cute but this is just crazy on an EPIC scale.

I think the problem is very simple, since 1997 it is basically all but impossible for a non Chinese person to work for the Hong Kong Government as they pretty much insist that all employees are totally fluent in both the spoken and written Cantonese language... so with no Westerners in the department they miss all the mistakes (which basically revolve around the use of colonial English)... oh and if a Westerner saw this and missed it then they are just as culpable.

Honestly I hate these adverts, these totally inept morons seem to think that all adults in Hong Kong have the intelligence of a 5 year old so they dumb down important messages - the person that approved this advert has the IQ of an amoeba.

Rant over.

Death is a serious and sombre subject in Hong Kong but when I saw this I burst our laughing! I cannot imagine for a second anyone in Hong Kong booking a space on an old converted car ferry, sailing out into the open sea and scattering ashes? I also imagine the paperwork for this would make a nun curse in 17 different languages.

.... and just what does "join the boundless and be free" actually mean?

On my Hong Kong Private Night Tours I quite often end up at the Temple Street Night Market, the actually market (which sells stuff) is not a priority, the whole area is what I call gritty and the people watching is brilliant! above, a couple of Mainland Chinese ladies of the night chat with their "pimp".

Oh my, I was lucky to get this shot of some awfully nice rich girls slinking their way through the magnificent and somewhat iconic Peninsula Hotel... WOW

My favourite P Plate image - the P Plate is for holders of a Probationary Car License in Hong Kong with many restrictions applying and yet they can drive a Lamborghini! it is all a bit odd.

The Bull at Exchange Square home of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.....

Greg and Elena on TST Promenade in Kowloon making the most of a gloomy, foggy day in Hong Kong.

Oh, Lordy.... the amazing Pagani hypercar

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