Private Tours of Hong Kong | Food Trucks 2017 | stupid Government interference

The huge market for high end watches in Hong Kong, the new Rolls Royce model is quite stunning, so this is what happened to Bambi and the solid 24k gold R2D

This is one of the new 16 food trucks that hit Hong Kong streets in early February 2017...the entire project (2 years from approval to rolling out onto the streets) was a Government project whose minions oversaw every single aspect from truck design to the menu.

The net result is there for all to see, bland trucks, bland menu and not a single speck of dust within a radius of 50 meters of the actual truck.

The image above was taken on on day 2, long lines but a general air of apathy and this was in a busy tourist area.

4 days later this is what the tourists think of the food trucks, early days I know and the plan is to rotate the 16 trucks every 2 weeks (which might help) but it is disappointing that the trucks are so bland, part of the problem is the massive Government bureaucracy, to meet "regulations" each truck has cost so far over US$125,000 which ruled out all the small players (in other words the people with the interesting food items), the investment costs means that all the products on offer are quite expensive and I still think that the biggest problem is they seem to have aimed the trucks at the Mainland Chinese tourists...

Some of Government officials seem to think that the trucks themselves will attract huge numbers of visitors from China (on top of the 40+ million that arrived last year) and the trucks will add 2% growth to our GDP! - these moronic individuals live in la la land. if they had any sense they would allow more trucks to operate in residential areas with items that appeal to Hong Kongers.... we can but dream.

Day 2 for the food trucks at the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple, again very long lines

4 days later and not one but 2 trucks and no one was buying (this was mid afternoon) I was shocked as there were many thousands of people just 100 yards away, milling around the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple...  oh dear

I hate to say it but this is a fairly atypical luxury watch in status mad Hong Kong... we sell more luxury watches than anywhere else in the world. The Swiss watch business would collapse if sales dried up here... I do however think it is a rather spiffy watch.

Oh my, I can match my new diamond studded watch with this gorgeous Rolls Royce Dawn parked at the Peninsula Hotel.

Oh my gosh, so this is what happened to Bambi!! - shocking

Amazing isn't it, a solid 24k gold R2 D2 in Chow Tai Fook in the I Square shopping mall in TST, I think it would look rather lovely in our living room.

Sir Thomas Jackson, Baronet - credited with putting HSBC on the world map... what a guy! here he is lording over Statue Square in Central on Hong Kong Island.

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