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Meet the ladies, some of the very best private tour guides in Hong Kong, if you like snakeskin products then head to this shop in Sham Shui Po, Vespa scooters - a throwback to England in the 1960's, Jordan District in Hong Kong - the underbelly of the city, Nancy at Stanley, the oh so smooth Aston Martin, the view from the Aqua Bar in TST, Kowloon, the Christmas decorations in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and ships racing in the Harbour.

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Meet the ladies.

These young ladies are some of the best Private Tour Guides in Hong Kong and that is a fact, we are all great friends and meet up on a regular basis to talk business and our 2017 Christmas event at the Harbour Grand Kowloon Hotel was a huge success.

From left to right - Mandy, Amandine, Virginia, Nadia, Lorena and Amy.

Laura and Ski were absent as they were overseas.

They are lovely aren't they and if you book a Private Tour with them you will have a brilliant experience.

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Snakes, snake soup and snakeskin products

I have to say snake soup is an acquired taste and I have a bowl of it 3 or 4 times a year, no, it will not make you puke and honestly it tastes like chewy chicken, really rubbery chewy chicken and with a dash of soy sauce it is not too bad.... there are bones as well so be careful....

Local Chinese folk believe that snake soup has medicinal properties and warms the stomach in winter, personally I could not give a flying sausage about that, to me it is a decent snack that does not taste bad at all, you will know that generally if a food type is billed as having medicinal properties then it will taste truly awful.

oh..... snake soup vs a slice of blueberry cheese cake, no contest at all.

This particular snake shop is in Sham Shui Po and is quite famous and if you ever want to know what happens to the snake after it has been slaughtered, well you can see in this image.

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Christmas Decorations, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

5 star Hotel means 5 star decorations, lovely, just lovely

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Aston Martin cars have always been a bit of an enigma (James Bond movies aside) hugely expensive but none of the panache of Italian super cars but for me they evolve model by model and they become more brutish whilst still being elegant.

I mean, look at this car, lovely colour, fluid lines and it has serious horsepower.

My current favourite is the DB 11, at the end of the day I like to visit the Aston Martin website, go to the DB 11 page and click a button to start the engine..... oh my, what a noise.

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Nancy, Stanley Promenade in Stanley, south side of Hong Kong Island.

Meet Nancy, we had a nice relaxing day out and spent a fair bit of time in Stanley......

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My parents had a Vespa in the 1960's but I am not and never will be a fan of scooters.

I am all about raw power, a scooter has the same power output as a souped up lawnmower, give me a Ducati, a Harley or a Triumph any day of the week.

Personally I would be embarrassed to be seen on a Vespa but to be honest I think younger people don't care as scooters are FUN! as you can see from the expression on this chap's face (although I have seen the same expression when you have a dodgy stomach)

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The Aqua Bar

As a non drinker I am not often in bars and this was my first time in the Aqua Bar in 1 Peking on the 29th Floor - it is popular mainly because of it's fabulous views at night and because it is one of the very few bars that actually has a view.

Personally I was not overly impressed but what do I know! the best seats in the house so to speak were all RESERVED and there was a horrendous minimum spend for those tables so we passed in favour of a regular table. The view was pretty decent I have to say and fortunately the music was not that loud... so a perfectly pleasant way to spend a few hours as long as you don't mind paying through the nose.

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Hong Kong's underbelly - Jordan District, The Temple Street Night Market

If you are visiting the Temple Street Night Market, you need to be aware that this is a major red light district, it is not in your face but the signs are unmistakable and everywhere! and once you realise then it is pretty darn obvious.

Naturally you are perfectly safe and I have to say that the seedy side of Hong Kong is absolutely fascinating... it always reminds me of the rat problem that big cities have, you might not see too many rats but they are everywhere, hiding in plain sight

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The Blue and Black Car License Plates

When you are in Hong Kong you will quite often see cars with 2 sets of license plates on the front and back of the car.

White and yellow plates, Hong Kong

Blue and black plates, China

Which means that the car can flit between Hong Kong and China without any hassle.

The Audi in the image is also a car that originates from China as in China you drive on the right and in Hong Kong you drive on the left, it can all be a bit confusing.

Now you know

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Hong Kong Harbour aka Victoria Harbour

I remember in the 1970's and 1980's that the harbour used to be a lot busier than it is today, these days due to land reclamation and excessive red tape there has been a noticeable decrease which is a little sad unless you are a green activist who welcomes the reduction in air pollution particularly the quite toxic sulphur from Cruise Ships - funny how everyone blames road vehicles for pollution in Hong Kong and totally forget that ships of all sizes belch out toxic fumes as well.

I love cars but have never really been a boat person, they do nothing for me but I have built up quite a collection of images of boats / vessels over the years... my favourites are the hydrofoils on the Hong Kong to Macau run, those things really fly.

Oh my golly gosh, the simply amazing Pagani Zonda Absolute - this is a custom made car and is rumoured to be the only one of it's kind in the world and it is in Hong Kong!... oh... and yes, this is my picture, talk about being in the right place at the right time.