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The US$192 Million home at the Peak is now the worlds most expensive pile of dirt, the amazing black Lamborghini, The Hong Kong Golf Club sign in Fanling, Lee and Jane at the awesome Ritz Carlton Hotel, the Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant in Aberdeen, the amazing Porsche GT3 RS, doing a coach tour in Hong Kong and cheap and cheerful Dim Sum at the Famous Dim Sum restaurant in Mong Kok.

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The greatest city view in the world from Victoria Peak

I count myself very lucky in that I get to see this view almost every day and it never ceases to amaze me... every day is different in terms of the weather which has a major impact on what you see and yes, in certain months it can be quite hazy.

I always think the best months to see a crystal clear view are July and August.

Everybody that visits Hong Kong should visit the Peak twice as both the day view and the night view are quite staggering....

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The awesome Ritz Carlton Hotel

Officially, my second home, I always seem to be at this amazing Hotel in West Kowloon and yes, I can deal with that.

The Hotel has quite a few elegant young ladies (who I think of as floorwalkers) who divide their time between the lobby on the 9th Floor of ICC and the 103rd Floor where you check in., these ladies treat me very well and always bring me a bottle of water when they see me lurking in the lobby... and lurking is what I am good at.

The hotel always has a steady stream of lovely cars outside the Hotel on the 9th floor and the view from the upper floors (particularly from the restaurant on the 102nd floor) is simply staggering.

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Meet Lee and Jane

I do love people from California, USA

... and yes another opportunity to visit the awesome Ritz Carlton Hotel and I have to say that having breakfast on the 102nd floor of the Hotel would be the highlight of anyone's day! the views are simply amazing.

Thanks guys for a great breakfast, it really hit the spot!

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The amazing Lamborghini tearing up Salisbury Road

What a car and I heard it long before I saw it, it made the most amazing sound and this is one of the reasons I like super cars and hyper cars, none of this electric car nonsense, they might be fast but they have no soul, no character and no noise, therefore I do not like them that much. (perhaps they need to invent a speaker that plays a roaring sound?!)

It is simply a thrill to listen to a supercar going past you like the clappers with an almighty roar.... and I am really looking forward to the new Lamborghini SUV coming to Hong Kong.

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22 Barker Road, Victoria Peak

This is the most expensive pile of dirt in the world at the moment... this is the site of Jack Ma's new Hong Kong home - Jack Ma is Chairman of the Chinese Internet giant Alibaba.

The house was demolished in November 2017 roughly a shade over 2 years after Jack Ma paid US$192 Million for it... that is a lot of money, when you consider that the previous owner paid US$20 Million for it 15 years earlier, quite a return on his investment.

It really is a nice pile of dirt, it shimmers in the sunlight.

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The Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant in Aberdeen

Iconic according to some people

I will say what I have been saying for years,.... they should take it out to sea and sink it.. it is that bad and I have been on it many times, most recently in November 2017.

It would appear that over 38 million people have eaten on this monstrosity since the mid 1970's and that is not a ringing endorsement, it has always been the case that Hong Kong locals will always take overseas guests there because the food is palatable and the bill at the end of the meal is sufficiently expensive as to give face to the local host.

Nothing has changed.

I hosted a family recently on there and it was all perfectly mediocre, the food was bland and very expensive, on the other hand the picture taking was brilliant... it certainly has a charm which is hard to describe.

Oh, the staff were very polite and attentive and the booking system works just fine.

It would appear that very soon the place will close for a major refurbishment which I hope will mean lowering the prices, improving the food quality etc, then they will have a winner on their hands, of course they will say that 38 million patrons makes it a roaring success!

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Fanling, Hong Kong

Me and my great friend Amy did a spot of research in her fab new car recently which involved trundling around Fanling in the New Territories looking for some old British Army Bases.

To be honest there is not a lot going on in Fanling and it is a long way from town (hence the car) however we did visit the Hong Kong Golf Club and we got the impression that the members were complete snobs and quite boorish (we had a run in with one member in reception).

It was a great day out and I am so glad I did it...... and thanks again Amy.

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Those Hong Kong Coach Tours

If you don't want to do one of those generic coach tours offered by the Hotel Concierges (the itinerary has not really changed in 50 + years !! and includes the dreaded Jewellery Factory stop) - then contact me now, remember this could be you on the bus above contemplating the hard sell at the jewellery factory!

To be honest, the concept is fine, the itinerary is fine and the bus is comfortable but they destroy all the goodwill by forcing you to shop in a jewellery factory... times have changed in Hong Kong and nonsense like this is no longer acceptable.

The Big Bus Tour is not lumped into this category by the way, they run a hop on / hop off service, quite different.

Oh... did I mention that they photograph you and stick your picture on a plate which you are supposed to buy!

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What it's like to be rich

A very simple image and you have to read between the lines

  • the owner is a member of the elite Hong Kong Golf Club in Fanling, Hong Kong
  • he or she is the proud owner of this amazing Porsche GT3 RS which is roughly US$500,000 here in Hong Kong
  • it was early Friday afternoon!

This is what it means to be rich in Hong Kong

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Famous Dim Sum

Us Private Tour Guides are always looking for a great "local" Dim Sum restaurant and honestly really good ones are few and far between....

This restaurant really is called "Famous Dim Sum" and my great friend Bill (the slightly shady character in the hat in the image) gets credit for introducing me to it.

The food is cheap and cheerful and great value for money, you can have 8 or 9 dishes for under US$25 - I am a pretty picky eater and I really like the food in here and I have never had a problem getting a seat.

Oh..... and we call this restaurant the other Michelin restaurant.

At the moment Din Tai Fung and Famous Dim Sum are my 2 favourite Chinese Restaurants

Oh my golly gosh, the simply amazing Pagani Zonda Absolute - this is a custom made car and is rumoured to be the only one of it's kind in the world and it is in Hong Kong!... oh... and yes, this is my picture, talk about being in the right place at the right time.