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The rather Amazing La Ferrari, simply one of the best cars in the world, more strange food on display at the Mongkok street market, Hong Kong cakes - all design and no substance, Helpers in Statue Square and a glorious McLaren supercar.

Mongkok Hong Kong, one of the most crowded places on the planet and great for people watching! ..oh, and who ate the pies?

One of the most amazing cars in the world and quite rare, only 500 ever made, I got lucky spotting this at the Ferrari dealership in Repulse Bay, I give you La Ferrari.

This image does not inspire me to go into this restaurant and have a slap up meal....I'm sure it tastes fine but I just can't seem to shake of my most boring person in the world when it comes to eating tag and that is that.

I have spent my life eating cakes ( as opposed to pies ) but I am always a little disappointed with your typical Hong Kong cake, what seems to matter is design (and on that score they cannot be faulted) rather than substance and by that I mean cakes that stick to the roof of your mouth and you gain a lb just by looking at them... we do have some great cake shops though that can custom make you a cake for a price!

Every Sunday and some public holiday's, tens of thousands of housekeepers flock to the Central Business District on Hong Kong Island and hang out... you should visit, it is quite the cultural thing and frankly amazing to watch....

For once not one of my images, this image of this glorious McLaren was taken by Colin (a client) at the Grand Hyatt Hotel... the bodywork was done by my friend Alston Law at Vibrantlize and what a job he did, simply amazing.

New construction on Oil Street in North Point, I was also impressed by the lovely blue sky

Oh my gosh, what a beautiful Bentley purring it's way down Garden Road.....

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