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The famous Mongkok Wet Market in Kowloon, the famous Wanchai Wet Market on Hong Kong Island, the Streets of Hong Kong - Sham Shui Po, the fabulous Rolls Royce with a very lucky number plate, Hong Kong is fascinating at night, the Slope Department + other interesting signs and doing Tours for Business People.

The Streets of Hong Kong Private Tours

Mongkok Wet Market

It is a fact, I do not like dodgy looking food and it does not matter whether I am in Hong Kong, England or Peru, somethings I simply will not eat - (trust me, there is lots of English food I will not eat) and I am not the sort of person that will eat food so as "not to offend".

Duck feet, see image above, I am sorry but just looking at them makes me want to engage in projectile vomiting!

I eat a lot of Chinese food but I am just a tad fussy and I do really enjoy visiting wet markets! and pretty much on a daily basis.

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The Wanchai Wet Market

It is 5 minutes walk from Wanchai MTR Station and like the one in Mong Kok I like to visit on a regular basis.

Hong Kong folk like to eat fresh chicken, personally I like to eat chicken breast nicely sliced and diced and wrapped and sold in supermarkets... so cages full of chickens waiting to be slaughtered are a common sight are all over Hong Kong.

I have been told that a single chicken in Hong Kong is much more expensive than one in the USA...the ones in the image are roughly US$25 a chicken and it would seem that here price is determined by the age of chicken, it seems 90 days is the optimum age and not forgetting that bird flu outbreaks followed by mass culls also influence price in Hong Kong.

This is not a happy place for chickens who must watch their brethren getting slaughtered all day but even so people are somewhat fascinated by the while thing and these chicken shops always sell out.

Wet markets are not just about chickens, meat and fish are on display in abundance as well as all manner of fruit and veg so plenty to see.

Private Hong Kong Tours and the real Hong Kong

Fitting in a tour between business meetings, a jolly good idea right!

Firstly, what a great image, unfortunately it is a composite as the very tall building on the right is IFC 2 and is 88 Floors high, there is no building behind it that is taller! lovely image though and I only wish I had as much talent in image trickery.

In Hong Kong on business? then why not take a private walking tour between meetings, I have met many business people who have been to Hong Kong multiple times and have never taken a tour, they simply flit between the Hotel and the Office and back to the Hotel... Hong Kong has so much to offer!

Contact me today and book a 4 5 or 6 hour private tour and see the best that Hong Kong has to offer with yours truly.

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The Rolls Royce - with a very lucky number plate

Now this is what I call a very special package.

The tank like Rolls Royce Phantom coupled with the one of the most expensive car license plates in Hong Kong... I have only seen this car twice in 4 years and when I do see it I start day dreaming just wondering what it would be like to live the life of a billionaire.

In the meantime I am content to just photograph fancy cars.

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The Streets of Hong Kong - Sham Shui Po

Considered the poorest district in Hong Kong and famous for everything that is wrong with Hong Kong such as poverty / caged or coffin homes and it is a pretty run down area though not half as bad as people make out.

I spend a fair bit of time in the area and a lot of people think that the food in Sham Shui Po is pretty good as well and I am sure it is! every now and and then I pop there for a bowl of snake soup which is not as bad as you think...

One thing that does get on my nerves is people that say that Sham Shui Po is the "real" Hong Kong whatever that means... on my private tours I try to give a fair and balanced view of this great city, the US$100,000,000 homes at the Peak on Hong Kong Island are just as real as the coffin homes in Sham Shui Po - seeing the good, the bad and the ugly will give you a much better understanding of what makes Hong Kong such a unique city.

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Hong Kong by night

.... and continuing on the theme of what is "real" Hong Kong or "off the beaten track" Hong Kong, how about the Temple Street Market...

There are people out there who mock me for taking my guests to to this market as people have blinkered vision when it comes to this famous night market, they think it is simply a tacky tourist market but boy are they wrong... it is everything people say it is and then some but nobody seems to remember that the market is in a famous gangland / red light district!

The group in the image are not friends hanging out, it is 2 prostitutes talking business with their pimp whilst waiting for clients... they are from Mainland China as a lot of local Hong Kong men have a preference for their body shape if you get my drift.

I love Hong Kong at night, from the markets to the harbour views and city views, a milk shake in the Peninsula Hotel Lobby, to just being on the streets and being dazzled by the neon lights but it is also like most other cities in the world, the seedy side is out in full force after dark, just remember that.

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If it is one thing Hong Kong has in abundance it's signs, mostly really stupid signs and naturally these have been put up mainly by various Government Departments who clearly have some sort of inter - departmental competition going on.

When you are wandering the streets of Hong Kong just randomly look at the sheer volume of signs everywhere.

A really common sign is the "slope department" one shown in the image, our Government fixes slopes in very large quantities (and since 1979!) and they just cannot resist bolting these huge signs to the rock face - oh well.

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Rolls Royce Ghost - a British / German classic

I love this car, it even looks quite sporty doesn't it! I actually prefer this to the Phantom which is like the most luxurious tank in the world.. the Ghost is classy and subtle

Truly magnificent.

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Lan Fong Yuen

This little stall sells drinks that do not appeal to me ie milk tea - it is located on Gage Street in Central right next to the Mid Levels Escalator and always seems to be pretty busy with lots of giggling Japanese girls taking selfies with the owner.

I often wonder how some places get famous but most don't - the same drink is served in thousands of places around Hong Kong and yet they still flock here. A bit of a mystery it is.

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The Artwork

This is just a little offbeat.

In Sai Ying Pun Station on Hong Kong Island, the MTR Corp who operates our subway company went arty on us and placed a whole bunch of murals in bas relief on the walls of the station at exits B1 and B2

Louise Soloway Chan was was the artist commissioned to do the work - I find the art to be quite fascinating.

Oh my golly gosh, the simply amazing Pagani Hypercar, hand made in Italy

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