Real Hong Kong Tours - The Big Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island

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Private Tours in amazing Hong Kong, former British Colony from 1841 - 1997

The famous Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery at Ngong Ping on Lantau Island - awesome, whoever BUBU C is - he has great taste in Ferrari's, the lady on the bus with a very solid death stare, revisiting the 2014 Occupy movement in Hong Kong, shaking the sticks at the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple and photographing famous musicians in Hong Kong.

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The Famous Big Buddha on Lantau Island

It is also known as the Tian Tan Buddha or the Giant Buddha, it is 112ft tall, made of bronze, it opened in 1993 and you have to climb 268 steps to stand next to it.

It is one of my favourite places to visit and despite being big boned (!) I have always managed to reach the top without keeling over.

To be honest pictures do not do this place justice - the cable car ride is fabulous, the fake village caters for lunch, snacks, bathrooms and souvenirs, cows graze at the bottom of the Buddha and you just think WOW!.

Make the time please and I am always more than happy to take you there on one of my real Hong Kong Tours.

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The Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island

It is 5 minutes walk from the base of the Big Buddha and for me it is one of the wonders of the world and like the Big Buddha, pictures do simply not do the place justice, you simply have to walk in and utter a few colourful phrases.. it is a real jaw dropper.

They do state that no photography is allowed but trust me it is, I just take the images from the doorway which IS allowed.

Be aware that there are two Po Lin Monasteries, the one in the image is the new one and is behind the old one... make sure you visit both.

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Public Transport - the Buses

I love our buses, particularly the new ones as shown in the is hard to believe that in the 1990's the vast majority of our buses were 20 years old and had no airconditioners! anyone who remembers the China Motor Bus Company will know what I mean!

As you can see from the image there are some routes that get rather busy particularly on a Sunday and I have gotten a lot of death stares over the years from (mainly) young ladies!

Think about this for a moment, despite having a subway system that covers 85% of Hong Kong we have about 6,000 double decker buses, all airconditioned, mostly new(ish) and with amazing frequency.. credit to our Government Transport Department and the Bus Companies for making this happen.

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The Ferrari - with a very odd number plate

There are a lot of car owners who choose very odd number plates, the meaning of this one BUBU C will forever be a mystery to me but I do not care, I just love what he has done to this Ferrari, magnificent isn't it!

The Peninsula Hotel is by the way, a great place to spot fancy cars

Totally AWESOME car, nice plate

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Shaking the sticks or CHIM at the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple

Lucky no. 8          8 translates to wealth

Over the years I have developed a real interest in lucky numbers and how it relates to Hong Kong Chinese Culture, I find it fascinating and a visit to this Temple is always a thing for me.

If you book a private tour with me, we will pay a visit to the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple and I would love to give you a demonstration and explanation of this very important ritual.

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The Hong Kong Police

.... and this is as real as it gets

There are certain images which I revisit once in a while and this is one such image

This is an image taken on December 11th 2014 when the Occupy Protest Movement was cleared by the Police on Hong Kong Island and I was there for 6 hours with a client watching it all.

I often think a lot of Hong Kong people forget that this is one of the safest cities in the world mainly due to the fact that we have a RULE OF LAW and one of the best and most professional Police Forces in the world.

That's all I need to say really.

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Hong Kong to Macau Turbojet

Another one of my personal favourite images - a Macau Turbojet sailing into the sunset at high speed heading west, these things go like the clappers.....

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BMW M5 - a German classic

I love this car, for me sometimes hypercars are a little over the top and I have always had a soft spot for the M Series cars produced by BMW. In my collection I would always have an M3 and an M5, there is just something about them that I can't quite put my finger on and I love their offbeat paint jobs.

The car in my image is a real favourite of mine.... it just bridles with raw aggression.

Truly magnificent.

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The Damned

The art of being in the right place at the right time is not something you would normally associate with me but for this one - bingo.

I was lurking in the lobby of the Hotel Icon when I saw these chaps who seemed vaguely familiar.. anyway long story short curiosity got the better of the me so I introduced myself (as you do) and simply asked them if they "were famous"

Much merriment and mirth ensued and they were in fact the somewhat famous British Punk Rock Band the Damned... a little hero worship later (think we are not worthy) and they rather obligingly posed for some pictures.

The chap in the blue cardigan is called Monty Oxymoron by the way.

They were true Gents and made my day, thanks guys!

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The Trams

This is a tram and is not a bloody "ding - ding" and is an iconic part of our public transport system which is the envy of the world over.

It goes from the very west of Hong Kong Island to the very east of Hong Kong Island and is very cheap... one fare no matter the distance travelled, it is however a little slow and I have to admit I do not use it a lot or perhaps as much as I should do but for me quite often, time is money.

The system opened in 1904 and there are around 120 stops and if you are prepared to sit upstairs and go from one end of the Island to the other then you get see a lot of interesting neighbourhoods and naturally lots of great photo opportunities.

Hong Kong is one of only three places in the world that run DOUBLE DECKER trams, the others are in Blackpool in North West England and Alexandria in Egypt.

Repeat after me, it is a tram not a bloody ding - ding

I do private walking tours around Hong Kong, I am on the streets every day and I have a somewhat interesting perspective of this wonderful city I have called my home for 45 years. My private walking tours are perfect for visitors who want a detailed overview of Hong Kong prior to exploring on their own and for people who are only here for a day or two who want to make the most of their limited time here.

Many clients book me for their first full day in Hong Kong, they get to see the best that Hong Kong has to offer + a crash course on our wonderful public transport system and then they go exploring for the rest of their stay armed with step by step instructions and recommendations from me....

I am available at very short notice, I get many last minute bookings and may well be available even if you arrive in Hong Kong without making plans! so please check my calendar, simply send me a message for a prompt reply.

I also offer a candid and very personal view of what it is like to live in Hong Kong for over 4 decades.

...oh, and if you book a tour then you are booking a tour with me, I do not employ other guides, so explore this great city with one of the best tour guides in Hong Kong.

All images taken with a Sony RX 1r mark 2 camera - it produces amazing images!

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Oh my golly gosh, the simply amazing Pagani Hypercar, hand made in Italy

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