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The Streets of Hong Kong - great images to be had everywhere in Hong Kong!, the gritty Temple Street Night Market in Jordan Kowloon, the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park in Western, Wolverine at the Peak, the new Ford Mustang GTO, dodgy one hour hotels and Repulse Bay Beach on the South Side of Hong Kong Island.

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The Streets of Hong Kong

If you are a photographer then coming to Hong Kong is a dream come true, the streets of Hong Kong provide a non stop supply of great shots.

The scene in the image is Des Vouex Road West going west towards Kennedy Town and is some times referred to as Chinatown or Chinese Dried Seafood Street for the literally hundreds of Chinese Medicine / Herbal / Dried Seafood Stores that dominate the whole area.

Welcome to my world, the Streets of Hong Kong.

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The Temple Street Night Market

It is a mystery to me why people have negative feelings and misgivings about the Temple Street Night Market in Jordan, Kowloon.

People automatically assume it is a tourist trap (whatever that means) and yes, it is tacky and crowded but it is also located right smack in the middle of a famous gangland / red light district which to be honest most people don't realise and that is why it is interesting.

Personally I do not think this is a place to take the family, you would be better off going to the Ladies Market 2 subway stops away which is family friendly and much, much bigger.

As I have been hinting, Temple Street is not about shopping, the cheap "stuff" on sale is fine if that's what you are looking for... many people are attracted by the supposedly authentic street food on offer, trust me it is not, the food is quite horrible and priced for tourists but it all adds to the unique atmosphere of the place.

..... and now the interesting stuff which goes on, on the sidewalks and pavements behind the stalls and down the side streets, yes Temple Street is a notorious red light district and once you have seen one lady of the night (instantly recognisable) you immediately see the other 50 or so propping up doorways and walls. Most of the ladies are from Mainland China and cater to the local Hong Kong chap.. a recent thing is teams of African girls doing their thing, I am not quite sure who they target as they are HUGE and more than a little intimidating.

Temple Street is huge, straddling 2 districts and basically in 3 sections so book one of my night tours and see it all.. but remember this is not really a tour for families with young children but it is a classic Streets of Hong Kong Tour.

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Wolverine at the Peak

Yup, we have a Madam Tussauds at the Peak.

Not exactly lifelike but it has proved to be very popular (even more so than Bruce Lee!) and there is always a long line of people waiting to touch his claws.

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The Ford Mustang GTO- A real American muscle car

I will be honest, this is not my favourite colour, in fact it is down right ugly but this is one serious car and I love it and it roared like a beast when it took off!

LOVELY car and a real brute

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Meet the Al Nabulsi's

From left to right - Omar, Suzan and Sarah

What a great day we had, it was hot and sunny (as it often is after a Typhoon) and thanks guys for booking one of my private walking tours of Hong Kong even though you were only here for 2 days.... here we are at the Peak on Lugard Road heading towards my spot at the Peak for those fabulous city views....

Missing from the image is Dad, Khaldoun who was taking photographs.

...and yes it was a challenge negotiating all of those fallen trees and tree branches an unfortunate aftermath of the Typhoon.

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The Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park

I really like this image!

Every now and then I take a picture which I get really misty eyed about and this is one of them.. a perfect sunny day, great light, a water setting and the planets aligned and I will be back to the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park despite it's offbeat location, it really is quite lovely.

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Hong Kong One Hour Hotels

Nice setting next to Flower Market Road in Mong Kok off Prince Edward Road West.

These signs are advertising what some people call love hotels and they are everywhere, some are discreet, others like the above are not and yes they do serve a need as the vast majority of the population in Hong Kong has little in the way of privacy.

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Maserati - an Italian Classic

I love this car, have you ever heard a Maserati at full throttle? it makes this wonderful burbling sound which is certainly music to my ears!!

...oh and getting the death stare is quite normal for me when I am photographing cars

Truly magnificent.

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The fact is, this is NOT the Golden Orb which is a lot bigger but this one can scare the living daylights out of you if you accidentally bump into one... it really is a lovely spider and when it is finished there will be a big X on the web which you can see on my other images.

Oh and have a look at it's head, it appears to have smiling man design on it.... very odd

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Repulse Bay Beach

Here we are and what a lovely beach right... I have been going to Repulse Bay since 1972 and I still love the place.

There is plenty to see and do even if you are not a beach bum / bunny and they have this massive mall on the beach called The Pulse which is full of really great restaurants and such.. if you are in Hong Kong for a couple of days and the sun is shining I would heartily recommend going.

Oh my golly gosh, the simply amazing Pagani Hypercar, hand made in Italy

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