Premium Private Tours of Hong Kong | Victoria Peak US$192,000,000 House

Visiting Cheung Chau Island, Visiting the Pak Tai Temple in Wanchai, Visiting Aberdeen and Visiting the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple in Hong Kong.

This is the house at 22 Barker Road at the Peak in Hong Kong that sold a year ago for US$192,000,000 and is rumoured to be the new house of the Alibaba Tycoon Jack Ma, honestly it is pretty shabby and security is lax to say the least, I was able to walk up to the front door without being challenged!

Every one that visits Hong Kong needs to take a trip to Cheung Chau Island my favourite of the Outlying Islands, it is a place to amble and is really quite terrific and I love the ferry ride as well.

The Pak Tai Temple in Wanchai is a jolly nice Temple to visit, quite old and has a bit of atmosphere

This is the Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant in Aberdeen on the South Side of Hong Kong Island, it is a monstrosity but it does have charm in a wacky sort of way and is quite photogenic... the sampan boat ride to the restaurant is absolutely an experience!

The Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple - just visit!

Two patrolling Policemen in Hong Kong and a very fine lot they are.

I like Porsche, nay I love Porsche!

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Posted on August 1, 2016 and filed under Iconic Hong Kong.