Layover Tour in Hong Kong | Traffic Wardens, a very rare species indeed

Which is why we have traffic problems in the Central Business District, the rather awesome gold Lamborghini, Park regulations here are written by 1st class muppets detached from reality and the ladies that distract me from my car photography.

Look closely, the very rarest of beasts, the Traffic Warden.... car drivers in Hong Kong park illegally with impunity because these Government employees are never around, a fixed penalty ticket is US$41 and this has not changed since 1994, hence nobody cares about parking illegally, it seems to me the Traffic Wardens are happy to let the Police issue tickets, in which case why do we need Traffic Wardens?

Princes Building in the Central Business District, Chater Road - this is a major black spot for illegal parking and because the fine is so low nobody cares, what they need to do is have Traffic Warden walk by's every 15 minutes and that would solve the problem.....

Anyway, enough of that nonsense, what about this then an awesome gold Lamborghini and this was my first sighting.. what a beast!

This to me sums up all that is wrong with the Hong Kong Government, bureaucracy gone mad! this is a lovely park and your good feelings are shattered by this utter garbage, boy they can take the fun out of everything.

To me what beggars belief is that they actually have people on staff who are paid to come up with this nonsense, the muppets that work for the LCSD (who are responsible for the parks) seem to have the IQ of a plank of wood... what has happened to common sense and a sign that says "Welcome to the park, have fun!"

Sometimes I just get distracted by people entering my line of sight when I am photographing cars, this is a typical example

The Man Mo Temple on Hollywood Road on Hong Kong Island is probably he most visited Temple by visitors in Hong Kong and yet I go there just once or twice a year... it is very photogenic however...

Probably the most boring street performer I have ever seen...... duh!!

Sweet! - awesome Ferrari with a special number plate

Posted on October 1, 2016 .