Personal Walking Tour Hong Kong | NOT lost in translation - a very funny sign

Why doesn't the American Consulate promote the Tesla rather than German or Japanese cars? a blue winged orange legged bug kills a spider in 2 seconds flat and the Smiths take in the view from my spot at the Peak....

This is not something that has been lost in translation, this is a statement of fact, people are letting their cows, pigs and chickens crap with impunity! -

The US Consulate operates BMW's and Lexus's, as much as I love the flag on the hood, it would be more fitting if the car was an American car such as the Tesla! -

The orange legged blue winged bug answered a question I have pondered for ages, is it poisonous? yes, it is - we saw it swoop down and inject this large spider with venom, the spider was dead in 2 seconds! -

Meet the Smiths.... fine weather and they really enjoyed the views from my spot at the Peak

Oh my...... put this in your pipe and smoke it, a truly awesome McLaren - not sure about the colour mind.

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Posted on June 26, 2015 .