Hong Kong Last Minute Tour | The window cleaners at IFC 2 - 88 Floors up

The classic Mercedes Benz 600 prowling the streets of Hong Kong, the awesome egg waffles at Tai O and wandering cows at the Big Buddha.

I am always in awe of those slightly barking mad people that wash windows on our famed skyscrapers - these guys started on the 88th floor of IFC 2 in Central. It must be an interesting if slightly terrifying job.

This is the awesome classic Mercedes Benz 600, they used to be a common sight on Hong Kong roads in the 70's and 80's (and only 2,677 of them were ever made) so I imagine this car is worth a few bob and it looks to be in immaculate condition.

This guy makes the most amazing egg waffles and is indeed a legend, it is a pity he works in Tai O Fishing Village which is basically 2 hours from downtown Hong Kong. Whenever I am in Tai O I make a stop, he has this really wonderful technique that produces the most addictive egg waffles on the planet... oh, watch out for his dog, it is bad tempered!

Every now and then at the Big Buddha on Lantau Island you will come across wandering cows

Sue and her nephew Stevie having a laugh at the Big Buddha on Lantau Island

Posted on May 11, 2015 .