Hong Kong Private Sightseeing Tours | The Official Jaguar of the British Consulate

....and the Official BMW of the American Consulate flying the flag, ladies of the night plying their trade at lunchtime at Temple Street and the very large house on the hill.

Finally, there are always a couple of cars which I dream of taking a picture of and this was at the top of my list, the official car of the British Consul General flying the flag - I have gotten a lot of images of the car but never once with the flag flying. Bingo!

.... felt obliged to show the official car of the US Consul General flying the flag - what is a mystery is why the US Consulate use BMW's and Lexus's, surely it is time that they stuck the flag on a Tesla the all electric US built super car....

Lunchtime on a Sunday at Temple Street and the ladies of the night are out in force... and you can see the blokes discussing likely candidates. I love the contrast between Temple Street during the day and the Temple Street Night Market, amazing. .. and yes, the ladies are there at night

This has to be one of my favourite houses... sitting there on the hill, lord of the manor. This is up at the Peak by the way.

The nutter on the bus - one of my favourite comedy sketches is the "nutter on the bus" by Jasper Carrott, he hits the nail right on the head. This ever so slightly odd chap was doing a really good Stevie Wonder impression right behind me, I attract all the nutters! -