Big Foot Tour Hong Kong | The "Chopsticks" | Amazing apartment blocks

Another look at the Devil's number plate, some rich folk do get parking tickets in Hong Kong and the Star Cruises floating casino's

Every now and then I like to revisit a place and I do love the chopsticks! a.k.a Highcliff and The Summit - 2 residential properties located on Stubbs Road on the island leading to the Peak - simply magnificent (and even more so on a lovely sunny day) they look fragile and you feel they could topple over at any moment. I sure would like to live here.

The devil's number plate, essentially here is a reference to easy life, easy life and easy life!! I imagine the plate cost more than the car!!

Absolute proof that the Police do give parking tickets to rich folk - these cars are parked on the sidewalk over the road from the Hong Kong Country Club so they deserve the ticket!

A bit of an iconic image - the Star Pisces gambling ship sailing past the Intercontinental Hotel -

How the other half lives, a luxury cruiser arrives at Stanley, I could get used to this lifestyle

Posted on April 21, 2015 .