Private Hong Kong Tour for Seniors | A huge typhoon gives Hong Kong a miss

The Stolarek's visit Hong Kong, the Star of Canton Restaurant is a pretty good place for traditional Dim Sum and the old man in McDonalds.

Ít looks like this big typhoon is giving us a miss, it is certainly windy but hardly any rain!! yahoo!

Meet the Stolarek's - Joe, Rose and Julie who are in Hong Kong for a week or so... this image is at my spot at Peak before the Typhoon arrived!

The Star of Canton Dim Sum Restaurant is a great Dim Sum place and handily located on the 24th Floor of I Square a shopping mall that sits on top of TST MTR Station in Kowloon... it is rather splendid and has some nice views as well.

I rarely venture into McDonalds but my 14 year old insisted so we ended up sat next to this old chap who was asleep when we came in and asleep when we left!

A spandex nutter giving me the evil eye.. he may think he looks cool but 10 seconds later a really cool chap in a Maserati went blasting past him!

Well at least the hot babe looks cool!

Now this is cool... spotted at Repulse Bay

Now this bike is super cool, it blows away the bicycle, the scooter and the trike....

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Posted on July 18, 2014 .