Cheung Chau Island Hong Kong Tour | Old Ladies on Cheung Chau Island

The traffic stopping bikini girl at Repulse Bay, snoozing on the job in a Tailor's shop and the red shimmering Bentley.

Old biddie's are the same everywhere, they gossip, they chew the fat and solve the problems of the world.

This young lady was oblivious (or was she?) to the fact that traffic was slowing down to gawp!

Business is slow, this chap was snoozing on the job

This red Bentley is easy to spot, it shimmers! it has a silver speckled shimmering paint job.. simply glorious!

Even the Chinese Army like's it's European Cars

A very old and low key shopping mall filled with specialty shops and dodgy restaurants - Causeway Bay

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Posted on June 6, 2014 .