Hong Kong Private Cultural Tour | The curious white beggar in Hong Kong

Why do women poke and prod meat on sale in the wet markets? what is it with kids and water? and the amazing chocolate creation in the Peninsula Hotel.

The guy in the red shirt is a beggar, I have seen him now for 3 weeks, most people ignore him! I do not know what his story is but I doubt he will ever make a lot of money begging here - yesterday I saw him with his wife / girlfriend coming out of City Super one of our finer supermarkets!

I often observe ladies in our wet markets poking and prodding meat, I have no idea what that tells them.. pretty darn yucky if you ask me!

This impressive water feature at Tung Chung next to the outlet mall is a magnet for kids and a nightmare for parents.

Chocolate creations have become very popular here, this one is near the reception desk at the Peninsula Hotel in TST, Kowloon.

Laundry drying at a very colourful building at the Sheung Wan end of Hollywood Road

The very impressive view from the lobby of the Ritz Carlton Hotel which is on the 103rd floor!

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Posted on April 7, 2014 .