Night View Victoria Peak | View of Hong Kong from my spot at Victoria Peak

Some people should not be allowed to wear spandex,  more furry feathered beasts from the Bird Market and the super car line up at the Peninsula Hotel.

I took about 50 images (handheld no tripod) to get 2 stunning images of the night view of Hong Kong from my spot at the Peak - it has to be the most fabulous city view in the world.

Oh my, what a view.

13 or 14 days a year you get really crystal images from the Peak - it is blind luck if you just happen to be up there when the weather gods are smiling (but it helps if you are up there nearly every day!!) and believe it or not these images were taken under very heavy cloud cover.

I am biased but I cannot help but think that this is the greatest city view in the world.

Some people (myself included) should NOT be allowed to wear spandex and I was not the only one on the street that thought this was funny...

If you have the time go and visit our Bird Market in Mongkok next to the Flower Market - the birds are fascinating.

An orange McLaren, a white Ferrari and a green Lamborghini parked at the Peninsula Hotel

A young lady doing the "glamour" shoot at the 1881 Heritage Shopping Mall.

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Posted on April 28, 2014 .