Customized Private Tour Hong Kong | The very crowded buses in Hong Kong

The night view of Hong Kong from the Peak, more of the Hong Kong obsession with fancy vanity car number plates and the one legged "busker" in Stanley.

Is that the death stare or does she fancy me!! (yeah right!!)

My car spotting thing has thrown up a peculiar bit of info Bus 23 on Hong Kong Island is absolutely packed most of the day despite there being a bus every 8 minutes or so, I have a fair bit of knowledge of how the buses operate here and no doubt the Transport Department has refused the Bus Companies request to increase the frequency of the buses (and will cite studies and statistics)... we had the same problem with bus no. 962 and 962b where we live.

Perhaps the inept Transport Department officials should actually get on a jam packed bus once in a while and get a first hand experience of how horrible it can be.

I have yet to really start taking night images with my Sony RX 1r, here are a couple of the fabulous night time view of Hong Kong from the Peak - for best results one should really use a tripod, these are not bad for a handheld shot.

This number plate basically translates to certain easy life, wealth and long life

Lovely car with a great vanity plate

Brilliant, simple brilliant!

Actually he is not one legged I just timed the shot to perfection!

Santiago and Yami purchasing belts in the Temple Street Night Market

A view of Hong Kong Island from on board the Star Ferry

An awfully big Triumph motorbike

A photographer was taking this shot so I thought I would as well

This attractive and rather fit young lady managed to stop traffic and zip across the road - she could have just as easily been squished.

Another lady gives me the look!

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Posted on March 18, 2014 .