Best Private Tour Hong Kong | A Royal number plate?

Beach regulations in Hong Kong - bureaucracy gone mad, those bamboo scaffolding guys and almost getting run over by Cecil the somewhat eccentric billionaire.

A diplomats car, a very nice Bentley

British Royalty has long gone but we still have Diplomats here who given their god like status tend to travel around in very nice cars and naturally breaking all the rules. The Bentley above has the CC plate which denotes it's Diplomatic status but what got me wondering was the personalised number plate HKRH - Hong Kong Royal Highness? perhaps a Saudi Prince representing his country.... who knows.

Taking the fun out of going to the beach - what possesses these idiots to actually post these rules ( and not forgetting the other signs they post prohibiting fun of any kind ), Utter madness.

I am always amazed at how fast these guys can erect bamboo scaffolding with little regard for their own personal safety! here they are working on the Hong Kong Club building in Central

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in getting the photo that I forget that standing on a road can be dangerous when the traffic lights change! still despite having to jump out the way I was rather pleased at getting the shot of this gorgeous Rolls Royce which belongs to "Cecil" one of our more eccentric billionaires, he is the chap who is trying a find a good husband for his lesbian daughter!

....they make a darn good burger - Ocean Terminal, TST in Kowloon BLT Burger

When I was younger I used to drool over the Honda CBR, a rather iconic motorbike, these days it is cars.

I like the old Pedder Building on Pedder Street, it is home now to Abercrombie & Fitch the clothing people - the store is all pounding music, low lighting, young blokes with 6 packs and not very welcoming to middle aged overweight blokes!

For people with long fond memories of the old Central District - the AIA Building used to be the Furama Hotel and the China Construction Bank Building used to be the Ritz Carlton Hotel, they had so much more character than these lifeless glass / steel edifices.

Bus no. 23 packed as normal

We have the best public transport in the world, we also have the situation where our Transport Department "bureaucrats" travel around in chauffeur driven cars and they have no idea of the frustrations regular folk have on certain bus routes.

Whilst taking pictures of cars I made a note that over a couple of hours I spotted 12 no. 23 buses packed to capacity and this was the middle of the morning and not rush hour which indicates that perhaps more buses should be on this route, I speak from personal experience with route no's. 962 and 962b nothing is ever that simple. It can take years to get approval to increase capacity on a bus route (the Bus Companies would do it in a flash).

It is too much to ask that the Transport Department lackeys actually ride these buses to see the scope of the problem or perhaps show some flexibility and put the decision of increasing capacity to meet demand back into the hands of the bus companies.


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Posted on March 1, 2014 .