The most popular Private Tour in Hong Kong | Hu Tong restaurant at One Peking

The people who walk in front of me when I am taking a photo, a Traffic Cop doing his thing and my 350lb shawdow.

I have never eaten in Hu Tong but I have dropped many clients off at the restaurant and by golly it has the wow factor particularly at night. It is on the 28th floor of One Peking in TST, Kowloon about 5 minutes from the Star Ferry / MTR Station. The food is pretty good by all accounts and they have a killer view.

The Aqua Group which owns Hu Tong also own the Aqua Luna, the only Harbour Tour worth doing... this is pretty much the last of the old fishing junks.

You would be amazed at the number of people who see me taking a photo and walk / run right in front of me!!

I mean it's bloody rude!

You could drive a bloody tank in the space behind me but oh no, they have to walk in front of me!

An action shot of a Traffic Cop in the Central Business District.

OK, I am a bit overweight but my shadow does me no favours, it looks like I am about 350lbs!!

The guy in the suit in the Ferrari gets an admiring glance from a gobsmacked young lady near the Hong Kong Country Club.

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Posted on November 20, 2014 .