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I thought the BMW Z3 was bad - their new electric car the I3 is simply an abomination, The Lok Cha Tea House in Hong Kong Park and a wave of odd Chinese beggars arrives in Hong Kong.

That's my shadow actually and it is a bag that makes look like I am 400lbs!! the chap catching the rays is lying on Cheung Chau Beach near the Miami Resort.

I absolutely love the BMW M3 and M5 which are quite common in Hong Kong but sometimes BMW produces major league lemons (the Z3 anyone!!) and this new i3 falls firmly into the abomination category - what an earth were they thinking?? it looks like something from a kids cartoon! ghastly.

I do not drink tea and I am a carnivore so I am not a frequent visitor to the Lok Cha Tea House in Hong Kong Park.... if you want fine tea and you are ok with veggie dim sum then this is a fine place to visit but it is expensive and for some very odd reason (when I was there last week) most of the waitresses spoke Mandarin as a first language and very little English.

If you want to see horribly deformed Mainland Chinese beggars / buskers lip synch to awful music then go down to the Star Ferry on Kowloon side, bizarre does not really cover it. The chap in the black shirt was missing his right arm and the hand from his left arm, the chap in the wheelchair did nothing but sway to the music.

A nice display of some of the very basic food groups at the Mong Kok wet market.

A moody image from the Mong Kok protest site - so who is paying for all the supplies??

... and to those morons that think I am a communist sympathiser because I disagree with what they are protesting about - the umbrella has to be the stupidest most imbecilic symbol for a protest movement ever. Only in Hong Kong.... oh and free speech is a pillar of democracy

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Posted on November 15, 2014 and filed under Rant of the Week.