Hong Kong Cultural Tourism | The legendary Sam's the Tailor in Hong Kong

Why would you drink Pocari Sweat ?, the famous Mid Levels Escalator on Hong Kong Island and the Mormons in Hong Kong.

I frequently get asked for a recommendation for a tailor to make suits and shirts + ladies garments and always, I point my clients to Sam's the Tailor in TST, Kowloon. Above, the famous wall in their shop showing some of their famous clients but do not be put off, they treat everybody the same and their service is legendary.

Roshan (Son of Sam!) is amazing, his knowledge of tailoring is outstanding..... and he treats you like royalty.

Manu (aka Sam) is in the background in the red, blue and white shirt, he probably knows more about buttons and cuffs than any man alive, they really are masters of their craft.

... and for the record I absolutely do NOT and will NOT take a commission from any type of establishment. You read correctly. Any special mention of a retail outlet such as Sam's the Tailor is not for my commercial gain and my comments are my own based on shopping in Hong Kong for over 39 years. I recommend them because I have received excellent service, the product I want and a good price, and I believe they rate a special mention - you can make up your mind if you choose to visit them whilst in Hong Kong.

Japanese Gatorade, vile and disgusting. Pocari Sweat is often mistaken for water - drink at your peril.

A Central street scene taken from the famous Mid Levels Escalator on Hong Kong Island - shown is the street market around Graham Street.

The Mormons, prowling the streets of Wanchai on Hong Kong Island.

Old timers will remember this building which is opposite The Kowloon Shangri - La Hotel in Mody Road in TST East, it used to be the headquarters for our Immigration Department.

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Posted on October 28, 2014 .