Top Things to do in Hong Kong | Even the young girls love Ferrari's in Hong Kong..

What a speed camera looks like in Hong Kong, the simply iconic Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong and rather distressing running gear on a fit guy.

Look very carefully at the little girl on the school buy staring wistfully at this rather gorgeous Ferrari - love at first sight!

So now you know what a speed camera looks like in Hong Kong - this is on Nathan Road in Kowloon next to the Sheraton Hotel.

The simply iconic Peninsula Hotel in TST, Kowloon

The iconic fountain in front of the iconic Peninsula Hotel - stop by for afternoon tea from 2pm -6pm every day

This guy is seriously fit and I am envious but he has rather questionable taste in running gear - to say he looks like a complete plonker is an understatement.

The Chi Lin Nunnery Hong Kong which is located in Diamond Hill, one of the few places that looks good in the rain,

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Posted on October 14, 2014 .