Hello Hong Kong | Major traffic accident on Peak Road Victoria Peak

A view of ICC from Hong Kong Island, turtles and sparkles and Harley Davidson in Hong Kong.

The 24 images show the timeline of a major traffic accident on Peak Road heading up towards the Peak. We had front row seats on the upper deck of the No. 15 bus and arrived about 30 seconds after the collision between an Audi A7 and a regular taxi.

For an hour we witnessed the efficiency and professionalism of the Emergency Services who worked as a team to get the injured to Hospital and get the road cleared to get traffic moving again.

As serious as it looked, our major English language newspaper gave it 3 lines the next day (no pictures) and all they said was that the driver of the Audi crossed over the lines, hit the taxi and 5 people were injured!

The worst aspect of this "scene" was the newspaper reporters who went into the ambulance to take pictures of the badly injured taxi driver, they did not cover themselves in glory.

Even on a smoggy day it is quite a magnificent view... ICC at 118 floors is our tallest building

The lucky turtles at the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple have to dodge and duck people chucking coins at them all day!

Bit of an iconic logo! Harley Davidson in Hong Kong

Lane Crawford is a somewhat up market Department Store, the slogan in their store windows was a bit risque for them!

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Posted on January 28, 2014 .