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The rather amazing Bruce Lee exhibition at the Heritage Museum in Shatin, a bit odd that it is in such an offbeat location but worth the effort not just for Bruce Lee but all the other "stuff" on display - highly recommended.

A true Hong Kong Icon

Oh my.... so iconic

I grew up with Bruce Lee and was in Hong Kong when he died in 1973...for a long time there has been talk of a permanent Bruce Lee Museum but continued family squabbles related to intellectual property rights have meant this has not come to pass so all credit to the Heritage Museum for putting together an astounding Bruce Lee exhibit which will be "on" for the next 5 years!! 

You have to book a slot online (which is easy) and turn up at the right time and right day, pay your HK$10 (yes, only HK$10!) and enjoy the show... I was there with Alison and Alec, Alec is a huge Bruce Lee fan and he was like a kid in a candy shop!  

The exhibit is top quality and well worth the effort to get there. Yahoo! 

  • sadly you are NOT allowed to take photo's of the Bruce Lee exhibits. 

The Heritage Museum is itself very much worth exploring, see images below... I will be back to do some more exploring when I have some free time.

  • you are allowed to take NON FLASH photo's at the other exhibits

One other minor point, it can take about an hour to get there from Central / TST on the MTR involving changes at Mongkok, Kowloon Tong and Tai Wai - the end stop is Che Kung Temple Station and from there it is about a 10 minute walk. 

The images are shown in a grid format and clicking on the thumbnail images will show them in full size, hovering over the bottom left of the image  ( in full size ) will give a description and click on the arrow to move along.

Enjoy the images.

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Posted on September 8, 2013 and filed under Offbeat attractions.