Personal Tour Guide Hong Kong | Armageddon at 8.47 am 23.9.13 Typhoon

A new breed of dog Einsteinus Rattus Hongkongus spotted in Hong Kong, the spandex nutters that hold up traffic and do Hong Kong businessmen really celebrate the birth of Communism?

Talk about an overblown event

Armageddon, Super Typhoon, the strongest storm in 34 years, blah, blah, blah... I get irritated at the press making mountains out of mole hills.. the storm has been and essentially gone and it was a non event storm wise.. the typhoon we had in July 2012 was much worse than this.. in terms of warnings we had the number 8 up for this storm, the 2012 had the no. 10 up. 

I was telling the family yesterday that nothing was going to happen and was met with ridicule as the press was forecasting armageddon.. to me it just did not feel bad when I stuck my head out of the window... so to them I say "I told you so" and a grovelling apology would be nice!!! 

oh.... forgot - we had 1 inch of rain yesterday, most big typhoons that hit Hong Kong dump 10 - 12 inches of rain over a 24 hour period.. so there. 

Looks more like a rat than a dog

This thing looks like a cross between Einstein / rat / dog and was a yappy skittish little thing. 

Spandex nutter holding up the traffic

This idiot was oblivious to the fact he had created a 2 mile tailback, he was weaving all over the road, the surprise to me was that the drivers showed restraint in not trying to pass him... the bike itself was a bit of a parody but I thought his socks were a nice touch.

Lovely bit of propaganda

It is clear from this image who is actually running Hong Kong. 

I really, really hate pigeons

If you want a Trafalgar Square moment then simply go down to the Star Ferry in TST, Kowloon and there are hundreds of these winged rats dive bombing startled tourists -  there is nothing cute / graceful / lovely about these creatures. 

Not bad graffiti

Like many people I do not object to this style of graffiti - a bit of a work of art actually

Composition son, composition

One of my arty, farty shots of a bunch of water cooler bottles, taken in Sai Kung

The gambling ship

The Star Pisces may look like a cruise ship but it is a gambling ship that sails nightly into international waters - I imagine 100% of it's passengers are Mainland Chinese Tourists who can buy a ticket from one of 100+ touts on the streets of TST Kowloon (mainly around Canton Road) 

Taken prior to Armageddon

The calm before the storm, unusual cloud formations above the AIA Building on Stubbs Road in Wanchai. 

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Posted on September 23, 2013 .