Private Walking Tour Hong Kong | Another glorious Hong Kong sunset

Why I am always on public transport when we have these sunsets? I always seem to be crossing a bridge and by the time I get off the bus the sunset has gone.... 

Yes, I admit to a bit of tweaking here and there but not much, you can tell the images that have not been tweaked much!! 

I have never really noticed the sunsets here until recently and they seem to be more vibrant and colourful, they must be as I have just begun to actually notice them.. and as is typical I always seem to be stuck on a bus / minibus with no place to get off.. one of my aims to to somehow be on the Tsing Ma or Ting Kau bridges stood in the middle holding the rails whilst getting the shot. Wishful thinking me thinks. 

I might write to the companies "running the bridges" to see if they can offer tours along the lines of the Sydney Harbour bridge.. now that would be really something to do. 

The images are shown in a grid format and clicking on the thumbnail images will show them in full size, hovering over the bottom left of the image  ( in full size ) will give a description and click on the arrow to move along.

Enjoy the images.

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Posted on September 21, 2013 .