Hong Kong Free Walks | The Pagani Huayra an exotic car in Hong Kong

The bloke wearing dodgy wellies not looking like a biker, the old Kai Tak Airport Fire Station and feral dogs giving me the evil eye

Oh my word...

I want one for Christmas

I have been waiting in vain for a long time to try and catch a Pagani car on the streets of Hong Kong, to be fair the odds are astronomical that you would actually see one pottering about the streets.

So today I went over to what I thought was the showroom of Pagini cars in Hong Kong - located in Kowloon Bay it is not the easiest place to find and much to my irritation a couple of workers there told me quite bluntly that I could not take photo's and for the life of my I cannot understand why a middle aged bloke having a fanboy moment could be refused his moment, it beggars belief frankly as these 2 morons had no way of knowing if I was a potential buyer. 

Their logic as it was, was that this was not a showroom (it is in Chaiwan on Hong Kong Island) and as such I could not take a couple of photographs... this location is the only listing on the Pagini website and there was certainly a plush office where one presumes you could negotiate a purchase. 

Anyway, long story short, I waited until their backs were turned and got a couple of images before legging it, I did not go all that way to be seen off by a couple of gormless morons. 

This experience has not put me off thinking about saving up for the next 2,765 years to actually buy one. 

I have put a link between the pictures for a chap called Daryl Chapman who has a simply magnificent Flickr site devoted to cars in Hong Kong.. he has a great camera and he makes my car images look decidedly iffy. 

The chic biker look in Hong Kong

I would pull a face like that if I had to ride around the streets of Hong Kong in this get up.... I had no idea how silly he looked until I viewed the image on my screen.. biker gangs beware. 

The old Kai Tak Airport Fire Station

To get this image I walked 52 minutes from the Pagani showroom, this old Fire Station is now deserted and located next to the new Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. 

This hell hound gave me the evil eye

They then chased this bloke on a bike

I hate feral dogs, I must emit those "whatjamecallits" as they always make a point of giving me the evil eye which I return in kind.

A shopping mall

You can see the Mega Box shopping mall from my spot at the Peak, it is located in Kowloon Bay. 

A pretty cool shot

My Olympus camera does not have a viewfinder and on a sunny day the LCD screen is useless so mostly I am literally pointing and shooting and hoping for the best.. this actually came out quite well. 

I was tired when I came across these tyres

A random pile of tyres on the pavement

Lots of property adverts

A load of random adverts stuck to a metal shutter

Hot and dangerous work

A random welder - at least he is using all the safety equipment


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Posted on September 17, 2013 .