Hong Kong Tour From the Airport | A Lamborghini wedding car, how very odd

Human placenta as a beauty treatment, a very strange statue and secret meetings in the Four Seasons Hotel.

Pity about the photographers "builders crack!"

This chap was just about to get married so he did the obligatory wedding photography and he picked a great car to be his wedding car - brilliant.

Simply mind boggling

The weirdest statue I have ever seen, located in the lobby of the Eaton Hotel

I always see groups of dodgy "suits" huddling in the Four Seasons Hotel lobby

A very nice Bentley with a very lucky number plate

A stunning sunset from TST Promenade, Kowloon on December 2nd 2013

Chow Tai Fook at the junction of Jordan Road and Nathan Road

Western District on Hong Kong Island with the Peak in the background

Standard Chartered Bank, Head Office in Central

All sorts of gunk available for breakfast at this shop

An ancient security post in an old dodgy building

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Posted on December 3, 2013 .