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An American Destroyer docks at the Ocean Terminal,  English standards are dropping in Hong Kong and anyone for maggots?


Street performers recently won an important legal victory, in a nutshell, they are legally allowed to perform on the streets without fear of being arrested... so they have sprung up everywhere. 

This chap was pretty good although he did get some pretty odd looks.. in less than 10 minutes he raked in US$25. Yahoo! 

The boys are back in town (over 5,000 of them)... the George Washington carrier group is in town and one of the destroyers is parked at the Ocean Terminal. 

It's official, this week Hong Kong has slipped down the rankings in terms of English proficiency and this sign just about sums it up. 

Lunch anyone?

Why is it that Nuns here are so bloody miserable, can't say I have ever seen one smile. 

Whilst the fake monks have every reason to smile. 

A Police street patrol doing their thing.

A pedigree pooch waiting to be bought

The goldfish market in Mongkok is fast disappearing, these days it is just a couple of shops.... 

Construction workers having lunch


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Posted on November 9, 2013 .