Hong Kong Full Day Private Tour | Blue skies return to Hong Kong, just lovely

My best images yet of the Aqua Luna boat..., a quite magnificent old Rolls Royce and the really cool tiger head bag.

Just look at that blue sky!

Oh my..

Blue skies are back after a week of decidedly iffy weather and what a difference it makes, the mornings are cool but by late afternoon it is simply glorious and 30% humidity.. even Sheung Wan one of the older parts of town seems to glow in the sun.

The blue skies, low humidity and sunshine make the perfect setting for the Aqua Luna, the only harbour cruise worth doing..

They don't make cars like this anymore, sheer class

This young lady attracted a lot of attention with her choice of bag - it looked very cool

Even our much maligned Cultural Centre managed to look good offset against that blue sky... and yes, the shadow looks like a fat man's head with a spike sticking out of it!

Sunset, Central Business District, Hong Kong Island.

I love these old fashioned shops that look frozen in time

A matte and chrome Maybach

I want one of these for Christmas, sheer class

Now I know where to buy sandbags

I have no idea who they are but they put on quite a show for the somewhat bemused visitors resting in the vicinity.

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Posted on November 30, 2013 .