Hong Kong Full Day Private Tour | A quick visit to Pokfulam Squatter Village

A lovely Hong Kong sunrise - 18th November 2013,  the 2013 Xmas display in the Landmark and a young lady with pink hair.

I was in Pokfulam so I decided to have a wander around the fabled Pokfulam Village which has had a lot of press recently.

In a nutshell it is what we call a squatter village which implies that many of the structures are illegal and I certainly got that impression, the village is a curious mixture of concrete houses and tin huts and at the moment the village has no functioning sewage system ( best not to dwell on that!)

The full set of images I took will appear on my flickr site.

All in all it was worth a visit, I find places like this quite fascinating.

A lovely sunrise from our apartment this morning

The 2013 christmas decorations in the Landmark - not anywhere near as good as 2012!

A very lovely young lady with some very dodgy pink hair

Coppers on patrol at the German Swiss International School

Queens Road Central at the back of HSBC

An arty farty flower picture

Chi Fu Fa Yuen on Hong Kong Island, one of the oldest private estates in Hong Kong

Cool dude on a cool motorbike

The lobby of the T Hotel in Pokulam

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Posted on November 18, 2013 .