Premium Private Local Tours Hong Kong | The simply magnificent red Bentley

J. J. Lloyd - getting to be quite famous...., the new Bugatti showroom will soon open in Central and the somewhat exclusive Hong Kong Club.

I am very lucky, I am on the streets every day and because of this I am quite often in the right place at the right time.. I have been looking for an opportunity to get up close to this red Bentley mainly because the red colour is nothing like I have ever seen, it is magnificent, it shimmers and it takes your breath away.

Huzzah for the rich, eccentric chap who owns this wonderous machine.

Huzzah for Bentley Cars Hong Kong.

Our eldest Jordan is getting a bit famous

The new Bugatti showroom will be opening at Hutchison House in Central, soon

I have to admit it, I wish I was a member.

The psychotic bird at the Yuen Po Bird Market

I love these dodgy old buildings

They have spent what seems to be a year making this sign!! Most cities have one Tiffany store, we have 6!

Buses racing down Nathan Road in Jordan district

The rather lovely setting at the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple

A somewhat staid Rolls Royce with the lucky number plate

From left to right - The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Jardine House and IFC 2 in Central District

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Posted on November 15, 2013 .