Another quick look at the Kowloon Bowling Green Club

The numerous bit's of wasteland dotting the New Territories, the youth in a hoodie - fishing! and the McLaren supercar.

I  think it is marvellous that old Colonial clubs still thrive in Hong Kong and the KBGC is one of the oldest, it's first clubhouse opened in 1905. 

I have never been a fan of lawn bowls probably because it is has a perception problem in the same way the croquet does (snobby gits drinking gin & tonic etc) but I also imagine that it requires a certain amount of skill which may or may not be enhanced by liberal quantities of alcohol. 

The club itself is at the junction of Austin Road / Cox's Road in Jordan and just 2 minutes walk from the madness of Nathan Road, the surroundings are tranquil to say the least and it is next door to the Kowloon Cricket Club another legendary Colonial Club.

Message to our Government, our housing shortage can be rectified in 2 years by building apartment blocks on the hundreds of unsightly wasteland scrapyards dotted around the New Territories. 

We have youths that wear hoodies, our's go fishing instead of hanging around on street corners

Oh my, the McLaren super car - a common sight in Hong Kong. 

I do not really have fan boy moments with trucks but this one is pretty big.

The 80th Anniversary bus  of the Kowloon Motor Bus Company next to the Peninsula Hotel

A very old and dodgy looking building near Causeway Bay. 

Nice Merc, nice plate

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 If you are stuck for something to do, contact me, I take last minute bookings

If you are stuck for something to do, contact me, I take last minute bookings

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Posted on October 15, 2013 .