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What exactly is the definition of a Public Group Tour (small or large) and the size of Public Group Tours of Hong Kong?

Small Public Group Tours Hong Kong | Large Public Group Tours Hong Kong | Private Group Tours

It can sometimes be a little confusing.

I think the biggest distinction between a Public Group Tour and a Private Group Tour is that for general Public Group Tour anyone can join the group whilst for one of my Private Group Tours only people associated with the person who booked the tour are in the group, other people cannot join the tour.

Generally I limit my private tours of Hong Kong to 6 people but can do larger groups but you need to check with me first. I have done 4 tours of 16 people each but these were families! I have found over the years that the biggest problems you have with groups is |

  • the pace of a tour slows to crawl with so many people, you really cannot fit much into the tour over 3 or 4 hours
  • it can be difficult for some people on the tour to hear what I am saying and I will never, ever use a microphone or other electronic devices to amplify my voice!
  • it is very difficult to talk and walk with so many people, basically you have to stop if you have something lengthy to talk about
  • everybody goes to the bathroom at different times!
  • in Hong Kong a lot of people who do large Public Group Tours seem to think that anything up to 25 people is manageable on the Streets of Hong Kong. As you can see from the image above, this is probably not the case
  • Public Group Tours of Hong Kong generally have a fixed itinerary (which never changes) and the Tour Guide will work to a prepared script and imagine a Q & A session with 25 people!

So, that's all well and good, so why would I choose a Private Tour of Hong Kong?

Private Tour of Hong Kong | Private Walking Tour of Hong Kong

As mentioned above I basically limit my groups to 6 people which makes for a very comfortable tour, there are companies out there that limit private groups to a maximum of 3 people (4 including a guide, whoops, sorry, host) so as not to cause mayhem on the streets and in the neighborhoods that they visit which to me is nonsensical when you consider the population density of Hong Kong!, one has to have flexibility in these matters.

The benefits of going on a Private Tour of Hong Kong |

  • I do not work to a set itinerary although naturally I have some places that we MUST visit, this is one of the reasons I do not ever do sample itineraries
  • as this is a Private Walking Tour of Hong Kong I take special requests from you, over the years I have done some weird and wonderful things, it is my job to introduce you to the very best that Hong Kong has to offer in the time allotted.
  • we have in depth discussions about Hong Kong (see my about page)
  • the pace of the tour is as you wish, we can go fast with less chat or we can go slow and have in depth discussions on any subject you wish, I have lived in Hong Kong for well over 46 years, as they say here, I am an OLD CHINA HAND.
  • One of the must see places in Hong Kong is my spot at Victoria Peak, a lot of people out there are reluctant to take people to my spot claiming that it is touristy, crowded and such and yet nothing could be further from the truth, to get to my spot requires a solid 15 to 20 minute walk through a quiet jungle type setting, most people that do it on their own stop at the wrong place! when you do reach the spot it is quite simply the most stunning city view in the world it is incomparable and you need me there to explain everything.
  • I can start the tour whenever you want, these days a lot of people who book an 8 hour tour of Hong Kong (or a Full Day Tour of Hong Kong) like to start late and run into the night
  • I pick you up and drop you off at your Hotel or the Airport or the Cruise Ship Terminal
  • after the tour is over I send you a detailed itinerary of what we did on your Private Tour of Hong Kong
  • I am the pioneer of Self Guided Tours in Hong Kong, if you are in Hong Kong for 2 to 5 days I will always send you by email my extensive self guided tours to keep you busy, they come with very detailed instructions on how to get to places and with little images so you cannot get lost
  • ... and finally who doesn't want to do a tour with "fat George Clooney" ! who has a very dry British sense of humour.

Did I say finally, one more thing actually | I am going to take a pop at those people out there that offer Private Tours of Hong Kong but cannot bring themselves to think of themselves as a Tour Guide, Tourist Guide or Private Tour Guide. I think this is awful, they come up with all sorts of names to call themselves such as Hosts, Docents, Group Leader, Group Director etc.

Generally it is plain old snobbery, you do NOT need a University Degree to do this job, you do not need to be an Award Winning Chef, Journalist, Professor of History or Travel Writer - what is so much more important is that you have a passion for Hong Kong, you can get along with people from all walks of life but most important of all, you know how to tell a story.

I am proud to call myself a Private Tour Guide and that is what is on my business card. oh and read my Bio, I have lived in Hong Kong for 46 years under British Rule and Chinese Rule, arriving in 1972, I think that makes me more than qualified.

The amazing world of Temples in Hong Kong, I do love visiting them on my Hong Kong Tours

Temples | Small Temples | and really Big Temples

I have a thing about Temples Doors, do not ask why, simply put they are so colourful and intricate and in my humble opinion, works of art.

Hong Kong has around 750 Temples spread over 426 sq miles and unlike many Asian Countries Hong Kong is pretty laid back when it comes to visiting them and most of them have no issues with photography (a sore point with me when they refuse as generally the reason is not remotely connected to Religion).

Our Chinese population is pretty superstitious which I find quite fascinating and I do personally get a tad irritated with some Temples that have apps to allow you to perform rituals and make donations with our Travel Card | Debit Card., it is a slippery slope driven by young people who are always in such a rush.

I am always very happy to visit Temples and discuss superstitions and religious beliefs on my Private Tours of Hong Kong... you will be surprised at what I have to say.

The very angular and very tall building (118 Floors) that is the International Commerce Centre (ICC) in West Kowloon, Hong Kong

ICC | International Commerce Centre | The Ritz Carlton Hotel

118 Floors.

So quite tall then... and yes it is the tallest building in Hong Kong and is very impressive from afar as well as when you are standing underneath it trying to take a fancy image.

I am in this building at least once a week and sometimes more as I have a lot of clients who stay at the Ritz Carlton Hotel which starts at the 102nd Floor and tops out at the 118th Floor, I feel quite at home in the 9th floor lobby and from there you take the awesome high speed lifts to the 103rd floor lobby.

It is also nice to see they have introduced free candy again in the 9th floor lobby, I do like to grab a handful or two and the floorwalkers (well that's what I call them as they potter around asking if you need anything) always come over with a bottle of water. and enquire as to how your day is going.

ICC sits on top of the Elements Mall which I really like and that sits on top of Kowloon Station which has to be the biggest subway station on the network in Hong Kong with the least amount of people milling about.

Well worth a visit and yes, I do think the Ozone Bar on the 118th Floor of the Ritz is over hyped, over priced, over noisy and such but you really must pay a visit just for bragging rights as it is the tallest bar in the world.

The Bomb Squad in Hong Kong | since 1997 the Hong Kong Police have handled bomb disposal work in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Police Force | The Bomb Disposal Unit of the Hong Kong Police Force

Just to be a little different I give you this image in black and white, very cool and the colour version is in the album linked below

Not just any Land Rover either.

By 1945 the American Air Force was bombing the hell out of Hong Kong to try and dislodge the Japanese Occupying Forces, it has been reported that almost 30% of the 1,000lb and 2,000lb bombs dropped did not explode.

This translates to many moments of pure panic | fright on building sites all over Hong Kong since 1945 as they unearth unexploded bombs and normally it is some poor chap with a shovel who hits the bomb!

The call goes out and the boys and girls of the Bomb Squad race to the rescue in their special kitted out Land Rovers....   rather them than me, these people have ice running through their veins and they are the real unsung heroes of the Hong Kong Police Force.

Did I mention that bombs seem to found every couple of months!!

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Oh my golly gosh, the simply amazing Pagani Zonda Absolute - this is a custom made car and is rumoured to be the only one of it's kind in the world and it is in Hong Kong!... oh... and yes, this is my picture, talk about being in the right place at the right time.

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