Hong Kong Tours - J3 Tours receives the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2017

Hello, I'm Jamie.  45 years living in Hong Kong - How local do you want to get?

Private Tours in amazing Hong Kong, former British Colony from 1841 - 1997

What exactly is in the suitcases lugged around by Mainland Chinese Tourists?, The totally awesome Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, Matt & Jess at my spot at the Peak, The Devil's ride - he needs an upgrade, a nice day out on Lamma Island and the truly magnificent Peninsula Hotel.

Hong Kong Private Tours

Tripadvisor 2017 Certificate of Excellence

On June 20th 2017 I was awarded this certificate for the 6th year in a row from 2012 to 2017, I am thrilled with the recognition and a big thank you to all my guests who have made this possible.

Hong Kong Private Tour

Meet the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder and what a simply magnificent car, love the colour and I just love the interior / layout, oh my goodness I would love to have one of these on my piece of concrete that passes as a parking garage.

Hong Kong Private Tour

This is Matt and Jess admiring the magnificent view at my spot at the Peak prior to jetting off to Bali for 2 weeks, awesome!

Hong Kong Private Tours

I often chuckle when this car goes zipping by... the Devil's ride as I call it and you would be amazed at how many cars here have 666 incorporated into the license plate. Naturally 6 is a very lucky number and 6 + 6 + 6 = 18 which translates to certain wealth! it is of course a shame that it is not on a red Ferrari which would be much more fitting.

Hong Kong Private Tours

A trip to Lamma Island by Ferry is always a lovely thing to do at any time of the year, it's slow pace makes an interesting change from the frenetic pace of urban Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Private Tours

The magnificent Peninsula Hotel in TST, Kowloon, my 2nd Home as I am pretty much in the Hotel on a daily basis - even if you do not stay there at the very least you should have Afternoon Tea which is served between 2pm - 6pm daily, oh my it is a real delight and very scrummy.... oh, the breakfast lunch and dinner buffet in the Verandah Restaurant is out of this world.

Hong Kong Private Tours

This is Virginia, we all love Virginia and somehow (!) she managed to persuade Jacky (another private guide and good friend and more importantly he has a car) and myself to go up to Kowloon Peak for a Friday morning sunrise session, we were up there at 5am and it was awesome with some stunning views.... Virginia is a real foodie and does some amazing food tours and a very original craft beer tour in Hong Kong.

Thank you Virginia and a big thanks to Jacky for the ride up there, breakfast and photo ops followed by an awesome hot dog and not forgetting the opportunity to sit in all the great Mercedes Benz cars in Whampoa..... what a day.

Hong Kong Private Tours

Like many people in Hong Kong I have often wondered what is in the suitcases lugged around by Mainland Chinese Tourists who visit Hong Kong for a spot of shopping.

Well it could well be full of Chanel Perfume or Loius Vuitton Handbags but this time it was a lot more mundane, ie - noodles, toothpaste, cosmetics, assorted snacks and loads of product samples... it took them 15 minutes to pack the suitcase. Amazing.

Hong Kong Private Tours

Back by popular demand, another image of our rather full buses on the popular Central to Stanley run on a Sunday. On a Sunday there is a bus every 10 minutes and 3 routes all ending at Stanley, it makes no difference, standing room only!

Hong Kong Private Tours

This is a Jack and Mike (brothers) enjoying the amazing views from my spot at the Peak on Hong Kong Island.... the weather was just lovely.

I do private walking tours around Hong Kong, I am on the streets every day and I have a somewhat interesting perspective of this wonderful city I have called my home for 45 years. My private walking tours are perfect for visitors who want a detailed overview of Hong Kong prior to exploring on their own and for people who are only here for a day or two who want to make the most of their limited time here.

Many clients book me for their first full day in Hong Kong, they get to see the best that Hong Kong has to offer + a crash course on our wonderful public transport system and then they go exploring for the rest of their stay armed with step by step instructions and recommendations from me....

I am available at very short notice, I get many last minute bookings and may well be available even if you arrive in Hong Kong without making plans! so please check my calendar, simply send me a message for a prompt reply.

I also offer a candid and very personal view of what it is like to live in Hong Kong for over 4 decades.

...oh, and if you book a tour then you are booking a tour with me, I do not employ other guides, so explore this great city with one of the best tour guides in Hong Kong.

All images taken with a Sony RX 1r mark 2 camera - it produces amazing images!

Jamie's private walking tours - no ordinary experience

Oh my golly gosh, the simply amazing Pagani Hypercar, hand made in Italy

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