Hong Kong Heritage Tour | The iconic Star Ferry + the iconic Peak Tram

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The absolutely iconic Peak Tram that serves the Peak on Hong Kong Island, ...and then you must travel on the iconic Star Ferry which crosses Hong Kong Harbour between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, Tim and his Grandfathers grave at the Sai Wan War Cemetery, the Hashtag Lamborghini, the amazing Hong Kong skyline watch by Graff, the awesome Four Seasons Hotel and the Peninsula Hotel helicopter.

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The absolutely iconic Peak tram

Owned by the Peninsula Hotel Group and quite the cash cow for them....

The Tram has been plagued for years with long lines which seem to get longer by the week and now you have companies offering "skip the Peak Tram Line" tickets creating a new line which is longer than the normal line..... a system upgrade is in the works and with a bit of luck they will soon start on the long mooted upgrade to the cars and terminals which when completed will hopefully ease the lines and make for a better customer experience.... so watch this space.

Despite this, the Peak Tram is rather iconic and absolutely worth a ride but for the time being fighting the masses is par for the course as are 1 - 2 hour lines.

ps. if you are prepared to get on the tram at 9am in the morning then this will help a lot... and please be aware that getting the tram up or down after 5pm daily is simply a horrible experience.

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The absolutely iconic Star Ferry

The main route is still between Central on Hong Kong Island and TST in Kowloon and it really is a must do when you visit Hong Kong.... I have my reasons but I always travel on the lower deck of the ferry, must be the salty air, the crusty sailors and the smell of diesel! .... and so must you.

The weather does not matter, even a ride on the ferry in the rain is just awesome but as you can imagine a ride on a sunny day is simply mind blowing.

I always say that this is one of the very best things you can do (multiple times) when you visit Hong Kong.

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Tim at his Grandfathers grave at the Sai Wan War Cemetery in Chaiwan

Every now and then I get a special request from a client which I am happy to make happen on one of my premium private tours.

Lindsay and Tim wanted to visit the grave of Tim's Grandfather who died in a prisoner of war camp in Hong Kong during the 2nd World War and whose grave is at the cemetery mentioned above.

We spent a fair bit of time in the cemetery and despite the moment being tinged with sadness it was a wonderful experience...

Thank you for letting me share the experience.

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The Hashtag Lamborghini

.........is a simply magnificent sports car... made even more special by the rather unique and very expensive number plate which guarantees everyone will whip out a camera for that selfie moment.

You may think I am somewhat crass but I think it is wonderful that Hong Kong's rich folk blow huge amounts of money on these exotic cars which means I get to photograph them, simply awesome.

........ and here is a little tip for car spotters, this image was taken at the Hotel Conrad, our 5 star hotels are magnets for fancy cars every day... my 3 favourite places - The Four Seasons Hotel, the Peninsula Hotel and the Kowloon Shangri La Hotel.

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Trucks - clogging up the roads of Hong Kong

Cars are not clogging up the streets here, trucks and buses are..... I am not a big truck guy as they cause a lot of traffic congestion in Hong Kong and they are certainly not objects of beauty but they sure are popular on my Flickr site! for some reason people love my truck images!

The truck in the image is very common in Hong Kong..

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I want one and I want one now... the Graff Hong Kong Skyline Watch.

I love fancy watches (although currently I have a mud resistant Casio G Shock) like cars they are an object of beauty and your average Hong Konger will sell their children's kidneys to get a fabulous watch....

This one for me is just awesome, the attention to detail is exquisite and as a limited edition it is sure to appreciate in value... I do not know the price but at a guess probably in excess of US$250,000 (it is a Graff after all)

Oh my.

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The Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

So for me the best hotel in Hong Kong to photograph fancy cars is the Four Seasons Hotel in Central and shown in the image above on the left.

It is a lovely hotel with a gorgeous lobby (with some of the best lobby flower displays in Hong Kong) and naturally is attracts the moneyed class and it is these boys and girls that have the awesome cars.

I do love the Four Seasons Hotel.

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The Classic Bentley

This is a slightly pimped out Continental GT and a lovely car at that... some cars were just born to look best in black and this is one of them.. it screams power and by golly this Bentley has one of the best engines out there taking into account just how heavy this monster is.

The badge on the grille is that of the Hong Kong Jockey Club which means the owner is one of the Hong Kong elite and I do applaud his choice of car.. well done sir.

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The Peninsula Hotel and Peninsula Hotel Helicopter

I always feel blessed living in Hong Kong, it is so over the top in many ways and we have with the Peninsula Hotel one of the finest hotels in the world today.

They own a helicopter as well which is the only one in Hong Kong that is allowed to do tours of Hong Kong which means it is expensive but well worth the money and one of these days I will get to go on it for the 30 minute ride, camera in hand.

I stop by the Peninsula Hotel just about every day and so should you... you should treat yourself to a milkshake in the world class lobby and whilst you are there nip up the iconic lobby staircase and visit Graff to buy that watch or a flawless 12ct emerald cut white diamond ring.

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The iconic Tram (street cars)

... mentioned in a recent post and we are back to grass roots stuff, this is a tram, not a helicopter or a Bentley and it is still a main mode of transport for many of Hong Kong's poorer people.

Our subway system now covers every part of the tram route(s) but it continues to thrive because it is still much cheaper than a subway ticket and you must ride on one when you are in Hong Kong.

...and yes people here with fluffy brains call it the Ding Ding (after the sound it makes when the driver rings the bell to warn people on the street they are about to get run over) I do not and never will... I think this silly name cheapens the image of an iconic means of public transport, it is a tram and that is that.

Oh my golly gosh, the simply amazing Pagani Hypercar, hand made in Italy

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