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Award Winning Private Tours in amazing Hong Kong | Former British Colony from 1841 - 1997

A lot of people have forgotten that Hong Kong was a British Colony for 156 years from 1841 to 1997 and as such a lot of foreigners have made Hong Kong their home over the years and they are just as much a part of Hong Kong culture and just as local as any local born Chinese person, I have lived here under British rule for 25 years and I have lived here under Chinese rule for 21 years so I do have a pretty fair insight into Hong Kong culture and not forgetting that an awful lot of my wife's family are local Hong Kong Chinese and my wife's first language is Cantonese.

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Book today with Jamie, your host,   for your unique Transit | Layover Tour in Hong Kong

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Why sit around at the Airport ?! if you have 6 - 15 hours in transit why not book a Private Tour of Hong Kong

Airport Layover Transit Tours Hong Kong |Hong Kong Airport Layover Transit Tours

Make the most of your Airport Layover / Transit Time when you stop off in Hong Kong on your way to somewhere else, I am an expert in organising transit tours for single travellers, couples, families and small groups with pick up at the fabulous Hong Kong International Airport - my private tours are perfect for those who are in Hong Kong for a quick layover and would rather see the best that Hong Kong has to offer as opposed to sitting at Starbucks for 6 hours!

  • there are luggage storage facilities located at the Airport if needs be...
  • The Business / Cultural / Colonial district on Hong Kong Island is just 30 minutes on the Airport Express Train from the Airport

If you have between 6 - 15 hours in transit I can make it happen, oh and just so we are clear I pick you up at the airport and I make sure I get you back there on time to meet your connecting flight

On my tours I cover the following topics (not in any order) and neither do I work to a prepared script, you can ask me anything at all, I love a GREAT conversation, what better way to learn about this fabulous city, Hong Kong

  • Current affairs
  • Raising a family in Hong Kong (I am married with 3 boys)
  • A brief history of Hong Kong (1841 - 2018)
  • The Opium Wars and I will be brief
  • WW2 & The Japanese Occupation
  • Languages and why English and Cantonese are still vitally important in Hong Kong
  • Lucky numbers / gambling / superstitions and how they affect society and how they impact on business
  • Education and why we have two school systems and why does the Government seemingly embrace academic mediocrity? whilst ignoring vocational training programmes for those who do not go to University
  • Politics (and I will be very brief!) and why talk of independence can ruin your life
  • Religion and trust me it is not at all what you would expect, it is such a fascinating subject here
  • The current housing crisis and the crazy property bubble and why Hong Kong Government policies (or lack of them) just make it worse.
  • Architecture and our amazing skylines and they really are quite stunning
  • Wealth & poverty - currently the biggest gap in the world and yet we have a very stable society (for the most part)
  • Homeless people and why our homeless figure is so, so low
  • Day to day life in the most vibrant, exciting city in the world....
  • The REAL reason you will never see a foreigner in 99.5% of "local" Chinese Restaurants... and it might just surprise you!
  • Finally - I do not mince words, I tell you what it is really like in Hong Kong and why you should not believe everything you read in the press!

I naturally have some limitations and I like to be upfront about them.... I do not look like George Clooney but have been called “fat George Clooney” by the wife, I am terrible at speaking Cantonese and no, I do not have a posh English accent, I amble rather than walking like a kitted out 25 year old trail runner in spandex, I am not a foodie in any shape or form but having eaten in well over a thousand Chinese restaurants means I have an opinion, I am not a tree and plant expert but I can recognise a car from it’s profile half a mile away and no, I cannot get you into the China Club, primarily because I am not a member and I am absolutely not in any shape or form an old stuffed shirt.

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Me, Jamie | take a tour with a friend who brings Hong Kong alive one story at a time | Cultural Tourism at it's best....

J3 Private Tours Hong Kong | Airport Layover Transit Tours Hong Kong

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I do take last minute bookings for day | night Private Tours of Hong Kong

24 hours notice is just fine | check my calendar link for my availability on the menu above

The essential Hong Kong custom walk along Lugard Road to my spot at Victoria Peak

The truly amazing view from my spot at the Peak, Hong Kong - it is true that there are quite a few private tour guides in Hong Kong who refuse to take their guests to the Peak on the basis that it is touristy and they will tell you to do it on your own!... the Peak Tram Terminus / The Peak Tower fit that description "touristy" but my spot at the Peak is a gentle walk away from the crowds and you need a great private tour guide to explain what you are seeing, you simply cannot ignore the tremendous influence the Peak has had historically on Hong Kong and how it will continue to influence Hong Kong now and into the future.

The view you see from my spot is a PANORAMIC 180 degree view, (brilliant for Instagrammers) the view from the Peak Tower is a fraction of what you see in this image, it should be the number one priority of all visitors to see Hong Kong from my spot at the Peak, it is simply mesmerising and I am lucky enough to be up there most days.


I do Premium Private Tours of Hong Kong with all types | age groups | nationalities.


I am not a foodie, nor do I do specific Hong Kong Food Tours but boy, do I know my food and I am always happy to fit in a snack / meal at your request.

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J3 Private Tours Hong Kong | Certificate of Excellence | 7 years in a row 2012 - 2018

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Photographs | Photography

I do Photography Tours on the Streets of Hong Kong

If asked nicely (!) I can also do a Private Sunrise Tour of Victoria Peak

Photographs / Images appearing on this website and on my Flickr Site should be used solely as an indication of attractions. Actual attractions may vary according to the itinerary as well as the tour we do.

I reserve the right to photograph any event and participants, as well as use any images taken for promotion and/or commercial purposes without further recourse or compensation.

I do like to take photographs and will keep this to a minimum and I am always happy to take quality images of you and send them to you.

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I am a bit of a photographer with specialist local knowledge of Hong Kong